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Lemon Joins Team Twice!!

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22 hours ago, kz.suweeg said:

Hello Lemon!:ty-yodahi: Welcome to TTF! Hope you enjoy your stay here! You can go here to know how the forums work~

Or you can message any of the members or the staffs if you need to know anything else~ Hope we can be friends!:jh-heart:See you around!:jline-yas:

Thank you!! I really look forward to meeting everyone and making friends as well ^^

2 hours ago, YodaTzu said:

Hi lemon and welcome to the forums!!

Hi YodaTzu! Thank you!

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22 hours ago, Jokballet said:

Welcome to TTF :jh-cheer:Sure you can have more than one because i have 4 biases :ty-peek:And for me, i only find it hard to differentiate Jihyo and Momo at first since i saw them at Cheer Up era and they look the same there. And i recommend you to join TTF's discord server where you can interact with TTF member more. Great way to get close to one another. You will surely find good people to be your friends there. Hope you enjoy your stay here :jh-gj:And yeah if you have any question after reading the rules and all, feel free to ask us :ny-yes:

Thank you! I'm glad to know I can have more than one bias because I'm really indecisive and can never choose just one. 

I'll definitely check out this discord server!


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20 hours ago, DoesAnyoneLikeCake said:

Hello, Lemon! Welcome to TTF!:mm-heart:Of course you can have more than one bias hehe :3 Yeah, when I first got into kpop, I had a hard time differentiating the members but once you’ve looked at them for a long time you can literally tell who that member is without even looking at their face (seriously!):ny-yes:I hope we can be friends, and if you need an explanation, you can read this! Hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun!:ny-soju:

Phew! I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who had trouble.

I really hope to reach that level where you can identify them without their face! :jh-cheer:

I hope we'll become friends as well!! Thank you

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17 hours ago, ScruffyBuddy said:

Hello and welcome @TT.lemon :dh-hi:
I've been into k-pop for about a year and I still don't understand any of the terminology that is used. :dh-fp:
What anime are you into???, I like the Japanese culture also, that is why I am currently learning Japanese.:dh-eagle:

Hi @ScruffyBuddy :jh-lurk:

Oh ahaha well I hope we can learn them together! :jungmo-kiss:

Honestly, I didn't watch many from last season, and nothing at all this season but I'm really been into anime films and movie at this current time. Of course we all love Shinkai's new film Your Name, but I can't help but appreciate all his other masterpieces more such as 5 Centimetres per Second or Garden of Words.


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A BIG WELCOME fellow ONCE:dh-oh: and welcome to the TEAM TWICE family! :sn-shy:I am sure you will find a nice group of ONCEs here to talk to :)
Hope you will enjoy your stay here and is there anything you need, do voice out! :ny-tough: We will be happy to help you! :dh-wink:

Bonus content for new ONCEs xD


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      Who are the most influential people in Korea’s music industry?
      In honor of their 33rd anniversary, news outlet Sports Seoul surveyed people 35 individuals from different agencies to figure out who are power people in various fields.
      The industry insiders were asked to rank the top three in each category. Getting voted as No. 1 yields 3 points, No. 2 yields 2 points, and No. 3 yields 1 point. Since 35 industry insiders participated in the survey, the highest amount of points possible for one team is 105 points.
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      Bringing up the fact that JYP will be moving to a new building soon, Park Jin Young talked about four different ways that they will be changing how the company is run in order to be more efficient and adaptable, while also creating a healthy work environment. He called the change “JYP 2.0.”
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      [V Report Plus] Twice’s Sana, Momo serenaded by indie band SBGB

      (Naver's V app)
      Sana and Momo of Twice were serenaded by South Korean indie band SBGB on “Check-in Live” on Thursday.

      SBGB’s guitarist and keyboardist sang Twice’s recent hit songs, “What is Love,” “Heartshaker” and “Knock Knock,” in succession.

      (Naver's V app)
      The upbeat dance tracks were reinterpreted as mellow ballads.

      Twice debuted through the audition show “Sixteen” co-created by Mnet and JYP Entertainment, a music label under which the nine-piece act was formed. One of the biggest names in the K-pop scene at the moment, Twice consists of Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu.
      Full : http://www.vlive.tv/video/76120
      SBGB cover "What Is Love? + Heart Shaker + KNOCK KNOCK": http://www.vlive.tv/video/76671
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      [KPOPHERALD] Twice to drop first Japanese full-length album in September

      (JYP Entertainment)
      Twice is set to drop its first Japanese full-length album in September, its agency said.

      According to JYP Entertainment on Friday, the nine-piece K-pop girl group will release “BDZ” on Sept. 12. With “BDZ” standing for bulldozer, the album produced by the agency’s head producer Park Jin-young embodies the band’s determination to move forward

      It will include five new songs and five of Twice’s previous Japanese singles such as “One More Time,” “Candy Pop,” “Wake Me Up,” “Brand New Girl” and “I Want You Back.”

      Having commenced its Japanese promotional activities in June last year, the band’s latest single “Wake Me Up,” released last month, shipped over 500,000 copies and won the K-pop act its fourth consecutive platinum certification -- awarded in Japan to those who sold more than 250,000 records.

      Twice is also set to drop its Korean summer single “Dance the Night Away” on July 9.

    • By sacheol-21stC
      {I do not like reporting the following news from the Singapore press ... however, here goes}
      [The Straits Times] Police looking into video of concertgoer shouting gang slogan during K-pop girl group Twice's concert

      K-pop girl group Twice performed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Sunday (June 17). PHOTO: ONE PRODUCTION
      Reporter: Ng Huiwen   SINGAPORE - The police are looking into a viral video of a concertgoer heard shouting a gang slogan during South Korean girl group Twice's concert on Sunday (June 17).
      A seven-second clip of the incident was shared online recently, after it was first posted on Twitter.
      In the video, a voice could be heard chanting "sah lak kau", or "369" in Hokkien, as the nine-member K-pop group sang and danced on stage.
      The slogan is synonymous with the gang Sio Kun Tong. The concertgoer's face was not shown in the video.
      In response to queries, the police said they are aware of the incident and are looking into it.
      Under the Societies Act, it is illegal to join or act as a member of an unlawful society. It is also illegal to attend a meeting of an unlawful society.
      The Twitter user (angelo@Daamndude) who first uploaded the video claimed the voice in the clip belonged to his brother and that he had shouted the gang slogans during the concert, as he did not know the words to a fan chant being sung by other concertgoers.
      About 8,500 fans turned up for the three-hour concert, Twiceland Zone 2: Fantasy Park, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Sunday.
      The group performed hits such as Cheer Up, TT and Knock Knock in their second concert in Singapore, after their debut gig in 2017.
      The police have previously taken action against those who chanted gang slogans in public.
      In November 2017, four men were charged for their alleged involvement in unlawful societies, after videos of them shouting gang slogans at funeral processions were circulated online.
      Anyone convicted of being a member of an unlawful society may face a fine not exceeding $5,000, a jail term of up to three years, or both.
      CR: The Straits Times
      Concertgoer shouting 369 gang chant during TWICE’s concert in Singapore
      (PS: That post has since been deleted from that Twitter user's account and the page is now private. But he seemed to have a Carousell account, an Instagram account as well as a YouTube account)
      (Also, he has tagged his supposed "brother's",who had shouted that irresponsible gang slogan, Instagram account. That "brother" also seemed to be using this Carousell account and this Twitter account)
      If anyone reading this have any information of him and his mates, please contact the police. Thank you.