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Lemon Joins Team Twice!!

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22 hours ago, kz.suweeg said:

Hello Lemon!:ty-yodahi: Welcome to TTF! Hope you enjoy your stay here! You can go here to know how the forums work~

Or you can message any of the members or the staffs if you need to know anything else~ Hope we can be friends!:jh-heart:See you around!:jline-yas:

Thank you!! I really look forward to meeting everyone and making friends as well ^^

2 hours ago, YodaTzu said:

Hi lemon and welcome to the forums!!

Hi YodaTzu! Thank you!

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22 hours ago, Jokballet said:

Welcome to TTF :jh-cheer:Sure you can have more than one because i have 4 biases :ty-peek:And for me, i only find it hard to differentiate Jihyo and Momo at first since i saw them at Cheer Up era and they look the same there. And i recommend you to join TTF's discord server where you can interact with TTF member more. Great way to get close to one another. You will surely find good people to be your friends there. Hope you enjoy your stay here :jh-gj:And yeah if you have any question after reading the rules and all, feel free to ask us :ny-yes:

Thank you! I'm glad to know I can have more than one bias because I'm really indecisive and can never choose just one. 

I'll definitely check out this discord server!


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20 hours ago, DoesAnyoneLikeCake said:

Hello, Lemon! Welcome to TTF!:mm-heart:Of course you can have more than one bias hehe :3 Yeah, when I first got into kpop, I had a hard time differentiating the members but once you’ve looked at them for a long time you can literally tell who that member is without even looking at their face (seriously!):ny-yes:I hope we can be friends, and if you need an explanation, you can read this! Hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun!:ny-soju:

Phew! I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who had trouble.

I really hope to reach that level where you can identify them without their face! :jh-cheer:

I hope we'll become friends as well!! Thank you

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17 hours ago, ScruffyBuddy said:

Hello and welcome @TT.lemon :dh-hi:
I've been into k-pop for about a year and I still don't understand any of the terminology that is used. :dh-fp:
What anime are you into???, I like the Japanese culture also, that is why I am currently learning Japanese.:dh-eagle:

Hi @ScruffyBuddy :jh-lurk:

Oh ahaha well I hope we can learn them together! :jungmo-kiss:

Honestly, I didn't watch many from last season, and nothing at all this season but I'm really been into anime films and movie at this current time. Of course we all love Shinkai's new film Your Name, but I can't help but appreciate all his other masterpieces more such as 5 Centimetres per Second or Garden of Words.


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A BIG WELCOME fellow ONCE:dh-oh: and welcome to the TEAM TWICE family! :sn-shy:I am sure you will find a nice group of ONCEs here to talk to :)
Hope you will enjoy your stay here and is there anything you need, do voice out! :ny-tough: We will be happy to help you! :dh-wink:

Bonus content for new ONCEs xD


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