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      [FORUM] We Need Your Help!   02/18/2018

      We're preparing for Team Twice's Third Anniversary Project but thing is ...  Click here for more info.

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    • By elegantzuyu
      On January 30 2018, Twice were featured on a famous Filipino noontime TV show called It's Showtime in the segment "Copy Cut". There are 2 teams: the boys and the girls. They are given a short amount of time to try and imitate a picture as best as they could. This is a reach because Twice is getting recognition in the Philippines and hopefully they will hold a concert there and maybe become endorsers of a clothing line like Bench. Many Filipino Onces would be so happy!
      Here is the link to the video enjoy! https://streamable.com/2k4um

      YouTube blocked my video so I had to post it on streamable 
    • By day289
      Hi, please check out my Heart Shaker violin cover and let me know what you think!
    • By sacheol-21stC
      [V Report Plus] Twice offers Valentine Day’s chocolate to Once

      Twice asked fans to be the group’s Valentines, in a video released via Naver’s V app Wednesday.

      In the video, each of the nine girls presented a heart-shaped chocolate gift.

      “Hi! Today is Valentine’s Day. Do you want to have one?” Jeongyeon asked.

      “Here’s the chocolate. You see it, right? One for me, one for Once,” Sana said, using the band’s pet name for its fan group.

      “Once! There’s something I prepared for you,” Momo added. She first made a finger heart but soon presented the chocolate and said, “Please take it!”

      “These are chocolates that Once and I are going to eat. Let’s pig out!” Nayeon said. “Please take my heart,” Tzuyu said with a wink.

      “You’ll receive mine again this year, right? Let’s be together also in 2018! I love you Once” Mina said.

      “Tara! I prepared this for you. Enjoy!” Dahyun said.

      Chaeyoung invoked a popular pickup line, shyly saying, “I found it on my way here.”

      Jihyo appeared on camera playing the piano. After finishing the tune, she said, “Please receive my heart! Come here, eat with me! It looks delicious!”
      cr: KPOPHERALD
    • By sanalama
      this is from a commercial she did couple days ago. not sure if anyone has seen it but OMG. she is beautiful

      which has transformed me into this guy but with tzuyu
    • By liraeyllis
        COMMENTS   [+1,963] Tzuyu's kind-hearted...everything will be okay, don't worry [+1,575] Our Tzumongie has a pretty face and heart...I hope Taiwan is safe now [+1,262] Pretty [+1,084] I love you, Tzuyu [+1,095] Since Tzuyu prayed, there won't be too much problems [+346] How scared Tzuyu must've been....since she's in a foreign countryㅜㅜ Hang in there! [+340] Her face is pretty but so is her heart... It's unfortunate that such a thing happened in Taiwan and I hope they didn't suffer too much harm. I hope everyone in Taiwan will stay strong! [+316] Tzuyu must've been so worried, I hope there won't be another earthquake ㅜㅜ And Tzuyu is very kind-hearted, nice, and pretty too [+301] I'll pray too, don't worry Tzuyu [+290] Even sadder since it's Tzuyu's country  
      SOURCE   ARTICLE #2   COMMENTS   [+328] I hope there wasn't too much harm [+315] Tzuyu is also very kind-hearted [+265] Everything will be okay... [+172] Natural disasters are really dangerous and scary. I hope there wasn't too much harm [+107] Tzumong, everything will be okay ㅠㅠ SOURCE