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Hello Everyone!

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Hey everyone! 


Hm I am not sure where to start. I have been a fan of twice since debut and even before then when sixteen was going on the girls still totally wrecked my life. My bias is Chaeyoung only because once she cut her hair my life was destroyed (sorry Mina XD). I don't live in an area where many kpop fans are around so its hard to actually find someone to fanboy over twice with. I enjoy writing and making graphics. I am also pretty good at making instrumental arrangements of kpop songs.  I am active on Instagram and live for snapchat! You should ask me what my UN is and we can be Twice trash together!

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Welcome bruh. Enjoy your stay.

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Hello and welcome here! :sn-hi:

I hope you enjoy your stay here and I hope you find some new friends here also :ny-yes:

And lastly, don't forget to read the rules here so you will know how this forum works. :sn-stare: Just click this to read the rules.

If you have some question just click also this to ask a mod for your questions and problems. :sn-shy:

Welcome again and Nice meeting you! :mm-shy:

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Hello Deejea, welcome to TTF~ I'm picapict and My main bias is Mina but i kinda like chaeyeong too (i don't like the signal era chaeyeong tho):mn-ooh:

Oh so you love drawing and writing, good i'll be waiting for ur graphic in artwork section :ny-yes:

Here's the guide to make u understand TTF better and here's some rules u have to follow

If there's anything you don't understand you can ask the staff about it, or ask any member here is fine except @Phebe never trust this one:ny-nono:

lol kidding, u can always ask phebe since she is our community bot who never sleep~

Anyway, Hope you enjoy your stay here~ See you around @DeeJea hope we can be good friends :dh-hi:

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Hello DeeJea :sn-hi:

Welcome to TTF, you will meet many fellow TWICE fanboys here, lol. Hope you enjoy it here. :sn-heart:

16 hours ago, Phebe said:


:sn-shock: Where's your usual welcome message??

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3 hours ago, TWICE's Pet Gerbil said:


:sn-shock: Where's your usual welcome message??


I got lazy.

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18 minutes ago, TWICE's Pet Gerbil said:

Isn't it just a case if copy and pasting, tho? Lol :ny-lol:

Too lazy to go find it.

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Read the rules first, my dear child!

If you have any questions about rules, privacy or personal information,
you can go 
here or you can PM me about it, I'll try to reply as quick as possible!

Don’t know how this place works? Do not fear! Go here for help!

If you have a question/suggestion for staff members, you can go here to ask them!

If you ever feel bored, all you have to do is go here and you can play some form games with other members!

Have amazing information about TWICE that you are dying to share with other people? You can do that here!
But make sure that your information hasn’t already been shown on another topic in TTF!

If you have any more questions, feel free to message a staff member!

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Hi! :jy-cutie: Nice to meet you and Welcome to Team Twice Forums:jh-wink:

Be sure to check the RULES & GUIDELINES to help you roam and explore on this forum with ease! 

If you have questions that you might ask, you can check here for FAQs on where you should start!


I hope that you'd enjoy your stay here and see you around! :cuties:

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A BIG WELCOME fellow ONCE:dh-oh: and welcome to the TEAM TWICE family! :sn-shy:I am sure you will find a nice group of ONCEs here to talk to :)
Hope you will enjoy your stay here and is there anything you need, do voice out! :ny-tough: We will be happy to help you! :dh-wink:

Bonus content for new ONCEs xD


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    • By adoringchaeyoung
      It's been actually a long time since i became a memeber (since 2016 to be exact). Sorry that it took  me long to make an introduction. Anyway, I'm Mari and my bias is Chaeyoung (obviously). I'm mostly active on twitter @chaerrot and discord bopa#4392.  I hope to meet some amazing people here!
    • By lizkooklover
      Hello everyOnces! My name is Angel and I live in the Philippines
      I've been a fan of Twice not long ago, maybe since Likey era My bias is none other than the fake maknae herself Nayeon cuz she's so cute.
      I also love Blackpink, Bts, Momoland and Exo. 
      I also love to ship my bias, but my favorite ship is lizkookcuz you know they're just so cute.
      So that's all for now and i hope that we can all be Friends  
    • By Dahyunism
      안녕하세요, 방가워요...
      Greetings my fellow ONCE,
      I just found this forum accidentally, while searching some pictures on Google. 
      Nice to meet you ONCE from around the Globe (if you flat earth believers please forgive me for saying globe 😁). 
      Let me introduce myself, from my nickname you must be know who is my bias. TWICE is the girl group that I fall in love again after nearly 3 years I'm leaving Kpop world. In 2016, I accidentally watch TT MV on YouTube, and I already fallen for cute bunny on that MV. After that I watch all TWICE MV and TV/Live Programs, and guess what I can't stop admire Dahyunie. and then I choose to become ONCE. 
      Thanks for hearing my unimportant story. Hopefully we can be a friend as fellow ONCE. 
      Sincerely yours, 

    • By Jokbal
      Back from an almost 2 year hiatus from the forum.
      Glad to see the forum grow so much and fast in two years, kudos to the OG people who started things from the ground up back then during the OHH-AHH days. 
      And i see a handful of you guys with Jokbal in your name id, hahaha. Jokbal club maybe? 
    • By bah (^v^)
      Hey guys! (^・ω・^ )
      I'm new here and also new to Twice and Kpop in general. I've been listening to Twice for a few months now, as of May.
      Momo is my main bias, but I love Mina (because she's so shy) and Dahyun (because she's extra).
      I hope to have a good time here and to have fun. See you around!