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      HAPPY NEW YEAR !!   12/30/2017

      As we celebrate the New Year, We wish everyone success, a healthy long life and a fresh new start. Happy New Year! - TEAM TWICE <3  

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A BIG WELCOME fellow ONCE:dh-oh: and welcome to the TEAM TWICE family! :sn-shy:I am sure you will find a nice group of ONCEs here to talk to :)
Hope you will enjoy your stay here and is there anything you need, do voice out! :ny-tough: We will be happy to help you! :dh-wink:

Bonus content for new ONCEs xD


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    • By yangningyuen89
      Hi all Once in this forum... Nice to know you all, I am Stephen, an Once from Indonesia
    • By slooowy
      Hi i'm Nor~
      I found this pretty pink Twice forum and just had to join :'))
      I can't choose 1 bias tbh, so i have a few xDD
      Dahyun, Momo, Mina, Sana and Jihyo.
      I love them all and they're so talented and adorable and pretty and ugh ><
      I'm a Twice merch collector, and i have a bunch of their albums and cards, tho i'm still missing a few T.T
      I just bought their Merry and Happy album today~~!!
      Anyways, i don't think i can be online every day but i'd love to get to know you all ^^

    • By BunnyNayeonie
      Hello every one~ My name is BunnyNayeonie. I am Nayeon lovers. Hope you all can help me in TTF!
    • By Lau123
      Hello¡¡ ONCE´S, Mi name is Laura I am from Peru so I do not speak much English and I met twice in 2015 with Loa, when I saw her prime M / V I loved it and from the moment I became a fan of them, my bias is Mina and momo and I would like to know more Once's I hope to get along very well with everyone.
      PDT: You Can Write Me

      Follow my profile on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sbs12_sbs  
    • By optzumistic
      Hello! My name is Angela. I live in Chicago, but there are barely Onces in Chicago T-T
      Tzuyu is my bias, but I've also been biaswrecked by the rest of them multiple times
      I stan many other groups! I stan BTS, Stray Kids, Blackpink, Red Velvet, Momoland, Fromis_9, AKMU, and more. I also like soloists, like HyunA and Sunmi!
      I speak English and Mandarin Chinese! Sometimes I wish I learned Korean instead, but then I remember that Tzuyu also can speak Chinese :)
      I never really had many friends, so it would be great if we became friends! Let's message each other if you want