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      HAPPY NEW YEAR !!   12/30/2017

      As we celebrate the New Year, We wish everyone success, a healthy long life and a fresh new start. Happy New Year! - TEAM TWICE <3  

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Twice is nation girl group

Hi i'm a once from onehallyu

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Hello and welcome here! :sn-hi:

I hope you enjoy your stay here and I hope you find some new friends here also :ny-yes:

And lastly, don't forget to read the rules here so you will know how this forum works. :sn-stare: Just click this to read the rules.

If you have some question just click also this to ask a mod for your questions and problems. :sn-shy:

Welcome again and Nice meeting you! :mm-shy: 

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Hey and welcome to TTF :dh-hi:

I hope you enjoy your time here :mm-heart:
and i see you around

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Welcome to TTF hope you have a great experience in here! 


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Read the rules first, my dear child!

If you have any questions about rules, privacy or personal information,
you can go 
here or you can PM me about it, I'll try to reply as quick as possible!

Don’t know how this place works? Do not fear! Go here for help!

If you have a question/suggestion for staff members, you can go here to ask them!

If you ever feel bored, all you have to do is go here and you can play some form games with other members!

Have amazing information about TWICE that you are dying to share with other people? You can do that here!
But make sure that your information hasn’t already been shown on another topic in TTF!

If you have any more questions, feel free to message a staff member!

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Hi and welcome to TTF my chingu


Hope you enjoy your stay here  :mm-shy:

Edited by Momosey

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Hello new once from onehallyu (kind of weird to say this lmao) , welcome to TTF~ I'm picapict and My ultimate bias is Mina :mn-ooh:

Here's the guide to make u understand TTF better and here's some rules u have to follow

If there's anything you don't understand you can ask the staff about it, or ask any member here is fine except @Phebe never trust this one:ny-nono:

lol kidding, u can always ask phebe since she is our community bot who never sleep~

Anyway, Hope you enjoy your stay here~ See you around @Twice is nation girl grouphope we can be good friends :dh-hi:

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Welcome new once!! :cheer:

This forum has very nice and accepting members! If you ever need help, ask the staff! Or ask anyone, everyone is happy to help!:ny-yes:

Be sure to read the guide and the rules! :dh-wink:

Again, welcome!! :ty-yodahi:


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A BIG WELCOME fellow ONCE:dh-oh: and welcome to the TEAM TWICE family! :sn-shy:I am sure you will find a nice group of ONCEs here to talk to :)
Hope you will enjoy your stay here and is there anything you need, do voice out! :ny-tough: We will be happy to help you! :dh-wink:

Bonus content for new ONCEs xD


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Hello and welcome to TTF! :sn-hi:

The others have already said everything, tbh. Not much I can add, lol. :cy-lol:

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