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[INFO] “Music Bank” Announces Lineup And Details For World Tour Stop In Chile (TWICE coming to South America at last!)

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“Music Bank” Announces Lineup And Details For World Tour Stop In Chile


Updated March 2 KST:

“Music Bank” is going to Chile for the 12th stop of their world tour!

The lineup for the special episode of “Music Bank” in Chile has been modified.

On March 2, KBS announced that SHINee’s Taemin and SF9 have been added to the lineup, with CNBLUE no longer attending.

The lineup now consists of B.A.P, VIXX, TWICE, Wanna One, SF9, and Taemin. They will perform on March 23, and Park Bo Gum will return as MC.


According to the production staff, the concert in Chile will be filled with special stages and fan service!

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cr: soompi

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Twice in South America :cy-fluffy:

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58 minutes ago, maxix said:

Twice in South America :cy-fluffy:

Are you will try to go? :ny-oh:

Edited by Strelitzia

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K-pop stars fly to Chile for global TV music show


South Korean TV music show "Music Bank" on KBS will launch a major K-pop concert in Santiago, Chile, in March, featuring bands like TWICE, above. / Korea Times file

By Ko Dong-hwan


KBS World is preparing a major K-pop concert in Chile that will air in over 100 countries.

KBS World is South Korea’s state-run TV broadcaster KBS’s network for global viewers.

KBS music show “Music Bank” will present the concert ― “Music Bank in Chile” ― on Mar. 23 at Movistar Arena in Santiago, according to show producer Park In-seok on Friday. Bands include CNBLUE, B.A.P, ViXX, TWICE and Wanna One. Actor Park Bo-gum will be the host.

The concert is KBS World’s 13th world tour event, with Chile now hosting the show for the second time since Vina del Mar in 2012. K-pop is enjoying a nationwide boom in the South American nation. The previous event was in Jakarta in September 2017.

The world tour, purportedly a cultural exchange project, began in Tokyo in 2011 and has been held as many as four times a year in cities including Paris, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City and Singapore. KBS World has been airing it across 117 countries, spreading the music to international audiences.

The concerts are not just about the star-studded lineup of bands with catchy choreography and rhythmic dance numbers. They have been hosted by emerging celebrities, including Irene from girl band Red Velvet, Chanyeol of boy band EXO and singer-turned-actress Suzy.


cr: The Korea Times

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12 hours ago, Strelitzia said:

Are you will try to go? :ny-oh:

I wish I could :ny-look:

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I'll be praying to the gods that they'll come to Australia one day... :jh-tt:

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