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[Question] Sana in 6MIX?

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Hey you all may remember me as the guy who wrote a long TWICE history article haha. Anyways, there is a rather interesting (and maybe controversial?) point that I was thinking about that I didn’t include in the article because (a) there is really not much solid evidence for it especially since it is (b) based primarily on speculation (and I don’t like to make a point in such an article without real evidence) and besides (c) I might actually be overlooking something?? I’m actually not really sure what I think about this. Or perhaps (d) the issue is just down to evil editing. Nonetheless I hope you all can give your opinions regarding this!! 

Here it goes:
During SIXTEEN the show had often mentioned about the 4 former 6MIX members (Nayeon, Jungyeon, Jihyo and Minyoung) being close and wanting to finally get the chance debut together after all their troubles with 6MIX. In fact, in episode 1 Nayeon and Minyoung both explicitly mentioned wanting to the 4 of them to debut with TWICE. But isn’t it rather particular that Sana had never been mentioned together with them? According to most sources that I’ve researched, Sana had been with 6MIX from anywhere from 6 months to 1 year and was also scheduled to debut, yet the only reference to Sana being in 6MIX came from Sana herself in the final episode (where she mentioned that she had been drafted to 6MIX from the Japan Team). In fact, it didn’t seem that Sana was close to any of the former 6MIX members (most explicably in challenge 4, when she said that her group members had never worked with each other even though Minyoung was in the group as well). When you compare this to her obvious stronger relationship with the Japanese members (the comparison can actually be quite stark in the episode where they all were given the day off), it didn’t seem that Sana had actually worked for so long with the previous 6MIX members.

Personally I think it may one of the following (or a combination):
(a)    The 6MIX lineup might have been more unstable than we thought; Sana may not necessarily have been a confirmed member hence the others didn’t really work with her??
(b)    Perhaps it was just editing on Mnet’s side to clearly designate Sana as one the Japanese members (conveniently removing the part of her as a former 6MIX). For me this seems most probable but also most irresponsible – I believe the other former members gained some audience sympathy because they almost debuted, and it was sad that Sana wasn’t offered this chance. It still however can’t really discount the statements by Nayeon and Minyoung about only the four former 6MIX wanting to debut together
(c)    Might there have enmity between Sana and the other 6MIX members? Personally I think this one is unlikely because their interactions seem to stem more from unfamiliarity rather than animosity.

Anyways what do you guys think? Is there something I’m missing out? I really am quite unsure what to think about this but I am just glad that all the TWICE members do look like they all are close and getting along well with each other now :)

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Sana was indeed a 6MIX member. But she trained with the J-Trinity so when she was going to debut she didn't really know anyone who she was debuting with.

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14 minutes ago, Phebe said:

Sana was indeed a 6MIX member. But she trained with the J-Trinity so when she was going to debut she didn't really know anyone who she was debuting with.

Ohh she was :sn-shock:

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Oh, hi again! :sn-hi:

Interesting topic :ny-hmm:

How much do we know about what 6MIX had done together leading up to their debut? There were so many delays and internal issues with leaving members that it's possible the group didn't have a lot on the table at the point that Sana was drafted in, so even though she was inserted into 6MIX, she hadn't really done much work with them or even interacted with them in preparation for their increasingly unlikely debut.

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I don't ever recollecting any final member lineup for this girl group.  Is it possible Sana was part of the group's members, sure; along with the other trainees up for consideration at the time.  As to trainees' relationships, it could be any number of guesses; to be honest.  I mean, the only member ever confirmed for 6MIX was Lena, whom collaborated with Sunmi's Full Moon track.

Back then, nobody really knew who Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, and Minyoung were, nor even heard of them in 2014.  It wasn't until the following year some reports started surfacing about who're the 6MIX's members.  Source.

As for the reason as to why 6MIX never debuted; the only evidence ever proven is Lena's and Ceci's departure from JYP.  Granted Full Moon did well on the charts at the time, there could've been a double edged sword in play with this; if you guessed correctly, Sunmi got most of the attention than Lena; since it's her title promotional solo track.  Lena with a surprising Ceci having thoughts about leaving the company to what seemed to be an unfruitful endeavor in entertainment.

Others have speculated with the reveal of the 6MIX members was to keep the public interests going with a new JYP girl group; all the while the Wonder Girls and miss A started to slow down in activity.  To the effect of the member lineup, not much interests was gained for it; prompting Lena and Ceci to seek employment elsewhere in the world.  Enter the end of another girl group whom never had the chance to become; since Lena was the most prominent member to bank on.

For the candid members mentioned, JYP Entertainment could've been described as being in a state of chaotic uncertainty, that is until; Sixteen can into fruition.  Not knowing whether or not the current trainees were up to the tasks in hand; the solution became crystal clear.  A survival show.  And it paid off.  Just a few months, it went from 6MIX to Twice.  SNSD coming to Twice's rescue was a bonus for JYP to no end.  You couldn't wipe off that huge bright smile of his for months, I swear.

Now, as for the approach with Sana; it is indeed a quaint view that paints more onto the existence canvas for 6MIX's demise, that can be added to the list of girl groups that never debuted; such as for the infamous Five Girls.  Trainees; like idols, can and do conflict with each other from time to time.  6MIX was no different; both unfortunately and despairingly.

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