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Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

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I wonder how much stock they will bring in this time.. Even though it is expensive I want to get some of them cos I didn't get it via carousell during the Korea concert, had to save up money for my trip to Japan for the Japan leg of the concert.

Most of the stock were sold out within 15-30 min for the concert last year and the organisation of the queue was shit. Hope Indoor Stadium will be much more organised haha

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Personally, I wish TWICE will impromptu sing their cover version of Jackson 5's "I Want You Back", a movie sound track for the Japanese live action『センセイ君主』/ "Sensei Kunshu" in acoustic/ minus MR at the concert. {Please}

Even if this is not from their performance song list, June is the tribute month to Michael Jackson (9th anniversary since his passing).

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Going to get my merch from carousell. People already putting up their lists.

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zzz couldn't get any merchandise. But on the flip side i manage to win the hi-touch!

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CR: Toggle.sg

@SubjectKpop, @AuGuStKz, @Amethyst Dreamer, @tzuXhybudget and other Singaporean ONCE, as well international ONCE currently living/residing in Singapore.

The full details for chance to win TWICE member's personalised board:


For your chance to win your favourite member’s personalised board, simply follow these steps and the most creative entries will be picked to win.

1. Tell us nine reasons why you love TWICE. You may choose to write (within 400 words), draw (on an A4-sized piece of paper or smaller) or create a video (with a duration of one minute or less).

2. Upload your entry onto your Twitter account (please ensure that your Twitter account is set to public), and hashtag your post with #TWICEToggle.

3. Email the URL of your tweet, your favourite member’s name, along with your full name as per your NRIC, residential address, email address and contact number to editor@mediacorp.com.sg with the subject ‘Toggle TWICE 2018’.

Please note that each person can only submit entries for ONE member. Each winner will receive one personalised board and one lollipop with their favourite member’s name on it.

Contest ends June 29 and winners will be notified via email by July 3. All winners will have to collect their boards personally from Mediacorp.

* Terms and Conditions
- This contest is open only to Singapore residents, and prizes must be collected from Mediacorp personally. No requests for postage, courier or other methods of collection will be entertained.
- All personal details submitted in your email must match those in your NRIC. Winners chosen who do not have matching information will automatically get their prizes forfeited.
- Each person is only allowed to submit one entry. Multiple entries will result in instant disqualification.
- Entries submitted after the deadline will not be entertained.
- Toggle reserves the right to pick final winners. No correspondence will be entertained.
- Entry submission forms that are incomplete will be disqualified.
- Previous week’s winners are not qualified to win.
- Each family is entitled to win only one contest every seven days. Persons who share the same registered address will be considered as part of the same family.
- Any proof-of-entry printouts cannot be used as proof that Toggle has received your submission.
- Toggle reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the contest without prior notice.
- Winners will be informed via email/phone call from which details of prize collection will be stated.
- Prizes not collected by the given date will be considered null and void.
- Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash.
- By entering the contest, you agree to be informed of any future promotion related to Toggle.

CR: Toggle.sg


New Qs & As from Toggle.sg Twitter regarding contest:




A closer look at the personalised boards:




Edited by sacheol-21stC
Update Qs & As & personalised boards' pictures from Toggle.sg Twitter

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[The Straits Times] Police looking into video of concertgoer shouting gang slogan during K-pop girl group Twice's concert


K-pop girl group Twice performed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Sunday (June 17). PHOTO: ONE PRODUCTION

Reporter: Ng Huiwen

SINGAPORE - The police are looking into a viral video of a concertgoer heard shouting a gang slogan during South Korean girl group Twice's concert on Sunday (June 17).

A seven-second clip of the incident was shared online recently, after it was first posted on Twitter.

In the video, a voice could be heard chanting "sah lak kau", or "369" in Hokkien, as the nine-member K-pop group sang and danced on stage.

The slogan is synonymous with the gang Sio Kun Tong. The concertgoer's face was not shown in the video.

In response to queries, the police said they are aware of the incident and are looking into it.

Under the Societies Act, it is illegal to join or act as a member of an unlawful society. It is also illegal to attend a meeting of an unlawful society.

The Twitter user (angelo@Daamndude) who first uploaded the video claimed the voice in the clip belonged to his brother and that he had shouted the gang slogans during the concert, as he did not know the words to a fan chant being sung by other concertgoers.

About 8,500 fans turned up for the three-hour concert, Twiceland Zone 2: Fantasy Park, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Sunday.

The group performed hits such as Cheer Up, TT and Knock Knock in their second concert in Singapore, after their debut gig in 2017.

The police have previously taken action against those who chanted gang slogans in public.

In November 2017, four men were charged for their alleged involvement in unlawful societies, after videos of them shouting gang slogans at funeral processions were circulated online.

Anyone convicted of being a member of an unlawful society may face a fine not exceeding $5,000, a jail term of up to three years, or both.

CR: The Straits Times

Concertgoer shouting 369 gang chant during TWICE’s concert in Singapore

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