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[INFO][KPOPHERALD] [V Report Plus] Welcome to Twice Chaeyoung’s strawberry farm

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[V Report Plus] Welcome to Twice Chaeyoung’s strawberry farm

restmb_jhidxmake.php?idx=5&simg=20180516 (Naver V app)

Chaeyoung of girl group Twice planted strawberries in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Tuesday.

“As I like strawberries, and it was about time to hold my individual V app broadcast, I thought it would be great if I start growing strawberries by myself and share the process of growing it,” she said, starting up the broadcast.

“I went to Namyangju (Gyeonggi Province) today to buy the seeds and ingredients,” she said. “I also experienced various things there, like plucking strawberries and making strawberry jam.”

“There will be videos released in the future on what I did there,” she said.

“If you have the chance, go visit Namyangju and experience (strawberry picking),” she said. “I’m sincerely considering making my own strawberry farm in the future.”

In the broadcast, Chaeyoung planted the seeds in paper cups and small plates, and transplanted plants to a pot.

When a fan commented, “Chaeyoung, let’s just buy some,” Chaeyoung said, “I just wanted to try growing this. It’s meaningful, right?”

“Doing something like this, it feels like I’m back in elementary school,” she said while planting. “I always said that I want to be an adult, and it’s nice being grown-up but I miss being a kid.”




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