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ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

[VID] 트와이스 TWICE's NEW HAIRSTYLE! (June 2018)

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Chaeyoung's hair.... that's a huge no from me... :ny-pose:

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expensive Mina

Edited by Myoui Mintul

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New hairstyle might means they will be having a comeback? I don't think so. Yes eventually they will have comeback but WIL's promotions were over just few weeks ago, and with their upcoming concerts overseas, nope not that soon.

And Chaeyoung's hair... I don't think that looks good on her (as of now), but we shall see. :/

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      And they’re encapsulating all of those winning factors into their second tour, TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park. After a three-day show in Seoul, the nonet( group of nine people, esp. musicians) is taking their tour overseas, choosing Singapore as their first overseas stop.
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      The Twice duo took questions from fans for about an hour.

      “How would you like Tzuyu with a bob hairstyle?” Chaeyoung asked fans. “I saw a photo of Tzuyu’s hair photo-shopped into a shorter style and I really liked it,” she said, holding Tzuyu’s long hair into a short bob. Approving comments from fans poured in.

      When the 19-year-old expressed her desire to improve her Korean, fans assured her that “her pronunciation is already good as it is.” “You think so?” Tzuyu accepted the compliment, explaining she would like to get even better because “when you have a better pronunciation, you sound better when singing.”

      Tzuyu debuted with Twice through Mnet’s 2015 survival audition show “Sixteen.” While on the show, Tzuyu’s novice Korean and inexperience as a performer made her a weak contestant. However, she was able to make the final cut because of her ability to improve the most. She is the only Taiwanese member of the tri-national girl group.