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[netizenbuzz/nate] Sana is a bagel girl at the airport

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Article: Twice Sana 'loving bagel girl'

Source: Financial News via Nate

1. [+275, -37] Super pretty, crazy prtty

2. [+239, -37] Love Kim Sana... what a ball of charms.. ㅋ

3. [+191, -28] The best out of Twice ^^

4. [+24, -13] With features like that, she'd have an endless stream of men waiting

5. [+21, -5] I want to be that bag strap..

6. [+19, -2] Cute yet sexy

7. [+19, -4] So pretty Sana Sana ❤❤❤

8. [+13, -8] What a goddess

9. [+11, -4] Wow.... she's perfect....

10. [+10, -18] Sana ㅋㅋ is totally the type that men would like but also the type that women don't like... and male fans are absolutely useless in idol fandoms which is why Sana isn't more famous than she should be...

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Sexy overload :sn-shy:Red suits her perfectly

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2 hours ago, liraeyllis said:

Bagel girl is like this term where the girl has a baby face (?) and a glamorous body :sn-lol:

exactly and Sana is not a baby face, she's actually has quite a mature face feature (at least in my opinion) :dh-oh:

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11 hours ago, MooseLover said:

exactly and Sana is not a baby face, she's actually has quite a mature face feature (at least in my opinion) :dh-oh:

Maybe, they are referring to her having a cute face. That still fall under bagel girl (I think so...) :ny-hmm: 

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