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ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

[TZUYUIST]Happy Birthday!! Our Dear TZUYU! ♥️♥️🎉

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Anyeongg!!! Tzuyu noona a.k.a Yoda hahahah Happy Birthday to you my favourite maknae!! All of us ONCE’s love you so much  we never gave up in Twice especially you heheheh I wish you a happy Birthday 🎂 and I wish you will live a happy, long, bountiful and colourful life. I wish that you will never be sad and cry again because it hurts me well all of us hahaha. We ONCE’s will always protect you and give all our love and support every step of the way, we will be there always for you! SARANGHEOOO TZUYU NOONAA! Fighting! 🎉🎉😻😻😽🌈


Your as beautiful as ever~~😘😘😘 You will always be my favourite long-legged maknae and my one and only Yoda hahahah

I and also all of us ONCES loved you ever since SIXTEEN! and we felt really proud and happy that you achieved your dream to debut as an idol star 🌟🎉😘😘 

Once again to my dear Tzuyu Happy Birthday!!  우리는 우리의 사랑하는 tzuyu 잊지 않을 것입니다, 우리 모두 당신을 위해 거기에있을 것을 기억하십시오. 치하! 다시 당신의 생일과 당신의 생일에 선회를 위해!. 나는 너 자신을 더 잘 돌봐주기를 바란다. 항상 제 시간에 먹고 건강에 좋은 음식을 먹습니다. 안녕 안녕, 널 사랑해!😽😽😽







Edited by ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

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