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[INFO][soompi] DAY6 Talks About Additions Included In The New JYP Building

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DAY6 Talks About Additions Included In The New JYP Building


DAY6 recently talked about how great the new JYP building is.

On July 4, the group appeared on SBS radio program “Song Eun Yi and Kim Sook’s Unni’s Radio,” where they were asked about the new JYP building.

The band answered, “It’s really nice.” Wonpil commented, “A lot of people ask us that nowadays. We moved to the Seongnae neighborhood in Jamsil. We originally didn’t have a band ensemble room, but now, I heard they made a really good one for our sakes.”


Song Eun Yi then said, “I’ll have to come hang out some day,” to which the members happily invited her. Kim Sook mentioned, “You know, I’m pretty close with JYP,” bringing up the time when Park Jin Young was the producer for “Sister’s Slam Dunk.” Song Eun Yi made everyone laugh by commenting, “After that show, Kim Sook said that she wouldn’t even pee in the direction of the JYP building.”

Wonpil also shared, “There’s also a great organic restaurant. Come and hang out.”

DAY6 recently released their third mini album “Shoot Me: Youth Part” on June 26, and have been promoting their title track “Shoot Me.”

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