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[VID] 180712 ASK IN A BOX - TWICE "Dance The Night Away"

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Hehe, not just Chaeyoung, a lot of them are aging backwards and getting cuter each day.

Tzuyu throwing that curve ball, I thought she would pick Chaeyoung or Jeongyeon to spend a day with. She chose Nayeon because she wanted to know what goes on in her head rofl. :ty-notbad:

Lol, that 2yeon moment at the end. "Just be honest. I thought you didn't like me, but you love me". On another subbed version, it was "Up to this point you act like you don't like me but you actually really like me, don't you?" Gotta love Nayeon haha. :ny-oh:

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On 7/12/2018 at 7:48 PM, Ahn Haeju said:

Aah not yet subbed :ny-tt: By the way I hope they picke my question aw >.<

it's subbed now :dh-nice:

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