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How I ended here??

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I honestly didn't planned to inscribe me in a forum, but here I am. 

I'd never imagined I could be into kpop either, nor even that obssesed with something that isn't Fifth Harmony or currently Camila Cabello. Still. Things happen.

I wanted to introduce myself but since I prefer not to post my name and age here, I'm just going to explain you that nowadays I'm not able to pick any bias of Twice. I can say I'm between Sana, Momo, Dahyun or Mina, but seriously, this is too hard for me. 

Anyway... I ship a lot. Like, a lot lot. (Had to be clarified). 


Hope this place makes me feel like I have some company as a Once. See you around! 

PS: Wasn't expecting the emoji thing. <3 :saida-hug:

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Hey welcome! Enjoy your stay and make sure to read the rules to get started on everything!  :ny-pose:

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I'm TheKyeoptaBunnyNayeon and My bias is Nayeon!(also Dubu)

I hope you will enjoy here and I hope we can be a best buddy here!

If you want some profile gif picture, click here

and if you interested to join this group onDiscord,

click here for Team Twice Buddy

and click here for Bangtan base buddy

and click here for Wannable

Lastly, Please enjoy your vacation here!


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    • By Elumi
      Hi guys!!
      I'm new here and i want to introduce myself but i dont really know how so i'm just gonna say what i want lol
      so hey my bias is chaeyoung since sixteen i really liked her <3~~ she is a good rapper and she writes them herself and she is also good at singing (have you heard her sing in vlives?) 
      she is also good at drawing!! omg her drawings r really cute and unique <3 she dances well (cheer up ninja ver. is the best XD )
       and she is cute like  baby tiger rawr xd what she lacks in height she makes up for cuteness XD 
      TWICE is so addicting!!  i first watched sixteen and then i can't stop watching twice til now :O  
      watch twice everyday!! time is gold!! XD
      that's all thank you i hope i have a fun time here !!   ^ w ^
      One, two, three, let’s go!!
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      this place is weird u cant even upload an image idk if thats because of like issues but its so infuriating this place has got every option to chat except that
    • By adoringchaeyoung
      It's been actually a long time since i became a memeber (since 2016 to be exact). Sorry that it took  me long to make an introduction. Anyway, I'm Mari and my bias is Chaeyoung (obviously). I'm mostly active on twitter @chaerrot and discord bopa#4392.  I hope to meet some amazing people here!
    • By lizkooklover
      Hello everyOnces! My name is Angel and I live in the Philippines
      I've been a fan of Twice not long ago, maybe since Likey era My bias is none other than the fake maknae herself Nayeon cuz she's so cute.
      I also love Blackpink, Bts, Momoland and Exo. 
      I also love to ship my bias, but my favorite ship is lizkookcuz you know they're just so cute.
      So that's all for now and i hope that we can all be Friends  
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      안녕하세요, 방가워요...
      Greetings my fellow ONCE,
      I just found this forum accidentally, while searching some pictures on Google. 
      Nice to meet you ONCE from around the Globe (if you flat earth believers please forgive me for saying globe 😁). 
      Let me introduce myself, from my nickname you must be know who is my bias. TWICE is the girl group that I fall in love again after nearly 3 years I'm leaving Kpop world. In 2016, I accidentally watch TT MV on YouTube, and I already fallen for cute bunny on that MV. After that I watch all TWICE MV and TV/Live Programs, and guess what I can't stop admire Dahyunie. and then I choose to become ONCE. 
      Thanks for hearing my unimportant story. Hopefully we can be a friend as fellow ONCE. 
      Sincerely yours,