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    • By sacheol-21stC
      『BDZ』release date September 12th, 2018.
      " TWICE : Break your Barriers, BDZ!"
      Nayeon / 나연 /  ナヨン/ 娜璉
      Jeongyeon / 정연 /  ジョンヨン / 定延
      Momo / 모모 / モモ / 桃
      Sana / 사나 / サナ / 紗夏
      Jihyo / 지효 / ジヒョ / 志效
      Mina / 미나 / ミナ / 南
      Dahyun / 다현 / ダヒョン / 多賢
      Chaeyoung / 채영 / チェヨン / 彩瑛
      Tzuyu / 쯔위 / ツウィ / 子瑜
    • By TheKyeoptaPenguMina
      My Malaysian First Aid I wanted to come back to Malaysia sometime when I was a trainee. I made my debut and this is the first time I come to the Twice. I was really excited to meet you at the theater and it was so suddenly canceled yesterday that I was really embarrassed. First of all, we are so sorry for our Malaysian ones who waited for us yesterday even with the same heart as me. There were also the ones who came to Malaysia to see us in other countries? Sorry...
      I wanted to make our first memories in Malaysia with the Wons and I really wanted to be happy together ... This time, we, Twice members, and tomorrow will come to see you and you will be thankful that you have understood that it is the most important thing for all of us to think that safety is the best thing that will not happen to you. We'll work hard so we can meet! You know your mind is our mind? I promise that I will make more happy time and memories the next time I meet! I love my Malaysian ones Once again I am really sorry and I love you Saya sayang awak ㅜ ㅜ ❤ ︎ TWICE SANA