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[INFO][soompi] July Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed (TWICE arrives at 2nd.)

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July Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed


The Korean Business Research Institute revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for girl groups!

The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes of various girl groups using big data collected from June 12 to July 13.

The top three are BLACKPINK, TWICE, and Apink. BLACKPINK shot to first place with a brand reputation index of 16,516,419. Compared to June, it increased by 155.75 percent. High-ranking phrases in BLACKPINK’s keyword analysis included “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” “Lisa,” and “Billboard,” and their highest-ranking related terms included “pretty,” “thanks,” and “precious.”

TWICE came in second place with a brand reputation index of 10,711,089. Compared to last month’s ranking, it rose by 39.13 percent. Apink followed close behind with a brand reputation index of 9,378,412 and saw a staggering increase of 271.29 percent since last month.

Fourth place went to MOMOLAND with a brand reputation index of 7,995,365, and Red Velvet came in fifth place with a brand reputation index of 6,811,790.

Check out the top 30 below!



3. Apink


5. Red Velvet


7. Girls’ Generation


9. (G)I-DLE

10. Lovelyz

11. AOA

12. fromis_9

13. WJSN

14. Oh My Girl

15. T-ara

16. EXID




20. DreamCatcher

21. 9Muses

22. Girl’s Day

23. Busters


25. gugudan

26. CLC

27. Weki Meki



30. After School






Sources (1) (2)

CR: soompi, rekorea.net

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