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Dance The Night Away Stream Project

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Let's Stream DTNA until 100M+ Views

I'm so sorry for late post this project.

As always here is my playlist:



Please follow these instruction for views count (M/V only):
don't pause, forward/backward, speed/slow
clear watch history include browser history and youtube history
volume = +50% 
resolution = +480p


if you have your own playlist, don't put only one videos on it. And don't put shortest time video. for safely, just use my playlist. I already listed another Twice's MV.

This is my playlist formula:



-What is Love?



-Heart Shaker


-and so on with another Twice's MV


why must use playlist?

cause' it's an autoplay stream listed. If you watch only one MV repeatidly, Youtube considers it is spam. Spam Views are counted only one, because it's not fair. And that's why youtube views freeze. Too many people watch MV foxily. Youtube needs the honest streamer.



•you can skip advertisement. It was my fault opinion about "don't skip advertisement".

•Don't hear about playlist doesn't work. Off course doesn't work if their playlist just only one MV or put another short video. It works if you are not foxy. •The most important about view is do not spam view on MV.



Edited May 25 by chaerrybear 
added title tag




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Hello, I think this should me moved to the "Voting Guides and Reminders". Please mods~? ^-^

And my browser has youtube adblock so I don't know if this works with me. (I've been watching this for about 200 times today)

Edited by LinYuBear

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