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[MERCHANDISE] Summer Nights Photocards & Extra

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Since the summer nights album came with a variety of photocards and CD cover, i will share with you what i got from the Night and Water version


Night Version:


The CD cover is...a penguin.



The Polaroid postcard is Sana



And the photocards..are to die for...





The Water version


Sadly i got some similar items so only posting that wasn't posted on the Night version.

The CD cover is a lion!



And these are the additional photocards (sigh...<3 tofu <3 )





Extra bonus for first release version, Water version:


yay, more photocards! (Minarin was not on set during picture taking so they replaced her with someone else!)



Extra bonus for first release version, Night version [ALERT] contains images showing skins, lots and lots of skins, so many skins it's like wow, so enter at your own risk [/ALERT]


sorry for making all your neck hurting, just turn your monitor sideways!



Thank you for wasting your time and data to look at each one :D

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4 hours ago, Lost Penguin said:

They look so good 


2 hours ago, LinYuBear said:

amazing... i want one 


1 hour ago, RainbowFluffyPanda said:

two words, dahyun photocards 


45 minutes ago, Black rabbit said:


Our smol tiger is also adorable



43 minutes ago, Jajangmyeon said:

They look good!

I was hoping to get a full set of one of each but i guess the odd is too big, at least the extra photocard comes with all 9 (especially the night version with two sided image was a treat)

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I got all three versions with no duplicate items. :hahaha:

It took this post to make me realise that the C version photocards have rear views as well, though. :ty-notbad:

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5 hours ago, TWICE's Pet Gerbil said:

I got all three versions with no duplicate items. :hahaha:

It took this post to make me realise that the C version photocards have rear views as well, though. :ty-notbad:

share with us :cy-clap:

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11 minutes ago, TWICE's Pet Gerbil said:

I already did; see my status update.

with pictures :cy-clap: i want to see what im missing :cy-fluffy:

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2 minutes ago, TWICE's Pet Gerbil said:

There are pictures. :mm-wut:

oh ya, found it :cy-laugh: nice set!

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I got the B Ver. from someone <3 :sn-heart2: Here the content: (CD Cover is Jihyo in Black Suit) (Message Card is Chaeyoung)


Edited by Myoui Mintul

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