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Actually, before Twice debuted, her position was to be a lead vocal but then she got chosen to debut in Sixteen so she changed her position to main vocal. Because of that, she said that she had a lot of pressure and cried a lot


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ㅇㅇ |2018.07.25 12:27 신고하기
Jihyo seriously went through so much hardship. She was in a vicious circle wondering about whether she’ll be able to debut or not for 10 years… She thought that she would debut with the trainees who were main vocals at that time, but their ranking fell during Sixteen and they ended up getting dropped so I bet that she was really anxious. To be honest, a little less than half of the members are foreigners so she must have had communication problems too. I’m just saying that Jihyo isn’t a leader who only have a few responsibilities.
ㅇㅇ |2018.07.24 23:37 신고하기
Jihyo is doing well enough. It breaks my heart seeing comments about how she’s not good enough to be a main vocal every day
ㅇㅇ |2018.07.25 00:12 신고하기
I really like Twice’s songs and I like their outfits too they are all different but are pretty 
오잉 |2018.07.25 15:18 신고하기
Seriously, she’s so pretty and kind. If I had someone like her as a leader for my team, I would be so thankful ㅠㅠㅠ I hope that she’s happy ㅠㅠ
ㅁ |2018.07.25 20:17 신고하기
I seriously think that she should have as many parts as Nayeon....That is to say, I just wish the song distribution would be more fair, it feels like it's it's Jihyo: 70, Nayeon: 15, and the rest: 5.  At first, I liked it because Jihyo's voice is really clear and nice to listen to, but the more they pushed it, the more I feel bad for her and her throat.... I'm not an akgae but even Soshi would have fairer part distribution....I feel like they should treat Jihyo like a main vocal like Soshi....
ㅇㅇ |2018.07.25 21:30 신고하기
But Jihyo already hurt her vocal cords. Jihyo and Nayeon will collapse at this point…

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Who knows what luck will have if she goes with her first team, but she's with Twice now.

There are already so many cases with many idols who didn't end up debuting with the famous groups and end up where they are.

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No matter a lead vocal or a main vocal, she's a great vocal. :jh-myheart:

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2 hours ago, LinYuBear said:

No matter a lead vocal or a main vocal, she's a great vocal. :jh-myheart:

and more... :jh-tea:

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      1. [+215, -37] Main vocals of JYP girl groups... would be sub vocals in other girl groups

      2. [+153, -43] They originally had a different main vocal on their pre-debut audition program but they didn't get enough votes and got eliminated. These idols aren't Kim Bum Soo or Park Jung Hyun, they're girl groups, they're idols... Charm is more important above all else. It doesn't matter how talented they are when they have no charm. Why do you think all of JYP's girl groups have won daesangs all these years? Because their charms work well with their songs and that's what the public loves them for. Each company needs to have a different strength to set them apart...

      3. [+72, -13] No matter how popular they are, they need vocal talent for a long running career as singers. Look at SNSD... do any of them have successful singing careers other than Taeyeon right now? It doesn't matter how many daesangs JYP has won when they have no successful long running female idol. Once their groups disband they all either break into acting or something else. Why do you think IU has a long running career and is considered a digital powerhouse with daesangs to back it up? Why Taeyeon? Sure, charm is important as a star but vocal talent is just as important as a singer. Having vocal talent allows for a wider variety of choices in songs which lets you experiment with more and more concepts. I've watched over Twice while in the army and what I felt bad for them about was that their songs always sound the same and I'm already seeing them reach their limit. At this point, their fandom is so big that they're able to win #1 still but I don't know how much longer they're going to make it... JYP needs to look past the tree and into the forest. This isn't the time to be overworking them to the point of illness. Train them up and actually respect their fans by giving them vocals that their ears can enjoy.

      4. [+23, -6] Did Twice ever have a main vocal..

      5. [+15, -3] Twice's original main vocal was Kim Jiwon. I just checked up on her and she got super pretty, what a waste ㅠㅠ

      6. [+15, -5] I'm going to sue the cameraman who keeps filming shots of Nayeon's side profile ㅡㅡ

      7. [+14, -3] JYP always lacks that 2% something. JYP tried to copy SM's SNSD concept but they never quite reached that level. Suzy, too. She has the visuals and talent but JYP failed to succeed her as a singer. JYP has no idea what the public actually wants because they're too stubborn.

      8. [+13, -4] You should've been training in the time you were crying

      9. [+12, -3] Oh, Twice has a main vocal... that's the first time I'm finding out about that..;;

      10. [+3, -5] Jihyo was originally the lead vocal for 'Six Mix', I'm sure she felt the pressure of suddenly being moved to the main vocal!