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[SBS-IN] K-POP Fever Hits South East Asia! Twice

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Directly translated from the youtube video:

Narrator:"Due to the slowdown on K-Pop boom due to the culture ban in the Chinese market, in South East Asia the winds of K-Pop is blowing fast! Starting with GOT7 which started their first concert in Bangkok, Thailand last May, the (something-cant really hear the word) modern group Monsta-X, girl group with the pure-image Apink, and also Wanna One who has successfully performed their concert in Jakarta last July. Now countries in SEA will not missed to be put on the destination list of Idol tour, one of them are the Idol group that's always being a hot topic. Last June, Asia's number one girl group (yes they actually said this), Twice, started their SEA tour by conducting concert in Singapore. To hear what Twice says before their concert in Indonesia, K-Star News has met with them!"

Jihyo:"to all viewer of K-Star News, (1, 2, 3...)"

All: (i dont need to translate this part, right? OK fine) "One in a million, hello we are Twice!"

Chaeyoung:"We started our concert since June in Singapore, and now this August we will perform our concert in Thailand and finally Indonesia. We hope that many will come to our concert to see us."

Nayeon:"This is the first time we will meet with the Indonesian fans, so our hearts are pounding and we are looking forward (to it). Indonesian fans, look forward to it!"

Tzuyu:"My heart is also pounding and expecting the concert in Indonesia, see you soon~"

Narrator:"They will also display their fine choreography!"

Nayeon:"During the Singapore concert, DTNA was not yet released so we could not perform them but starting on the next tour we will perform them."

Narrator:"Wow, we will have to see it one more time during concert. With the fresh charm from these girls it looks like the reaction from the Indonesian fan will be very hot."

Mina:"To all Once, look forward to our concerts!"

Dahyun:"To Indonesian Once, we will come real soon, we are looking forward (to it) and see you soon!"

All:"One in a million, we're Twice! we love Indonesia!"

Narrator:"to Twice member, we hope to all concert to be successful!"



Video (in Indonesian) in spoiler:




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12 minutes ago, sacheol-21stC said:

:twice-smile:  :jyp-happy: Thanks again, good work.

:lhl-lol:feels weird translating from Indonesian to English

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1 minute ago, MooseLover said:

:lhl-lol:feels weird translating from Indonesian to English

The main points are being presently clearly to viewers, that is what is important.

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Oooohh their going to indonesia ur lucky :cy-fluffy:

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