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[NAYEONIST] What you like about Nayeon?

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4 hours ago, Bunny said:

Side note: You're not ready for these exclamation marks, I certainly wasn't!


Oh, so very many things to like about Nayeon!:ny-yes:

Her Bunny teeth (see what I did there)!

I love her smile!

I love her voice when speaking or singing!

I love how much of a dork she is, and just the general way she tends to interact!

There are too many things to list.


As it turns out, Nayeon is my bias!:ty-hehe:

A bunny :ny-cute:is the bias of bunny

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Nayeon so different tho in Cheer Up. She looks more beautiful when they make comeback. Not just beautiful but so funny hahaha :ny-yes:

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Nayeon is amazing. I love her voice. When she smiles, she can cure any disease. Her personality is seems really down to earth. She's dorky but she's pretty sexy. I love how she fangirls over girl groups like Oh My Girl. She looked really competitive in Sixteen but she's still so helpful to everyone. I don't really know how to explain it. She seems really genuine. She sometimes has this RBF look though which makes people think she's mean but I find that funny. That's like her normal face when she's listening to someone lol. Nayeon is pretty funny too. The things she does are pretty childish and cute. She's just too adorable. 

There are more reasons to why I love her. I just don't know how I can properly express it. :ny-pout:

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her smile which shows her teeth! and definitely, definitely her aegyooo

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Nayeon w/ kids is so cuteeeeee :jy-aww: 

She always act like a young girl(even though she's the oldest :ny-lol: )

Probably most adults can't pull off on trying to act like a kid but Nayeon makes it look so eassssy 

Just look at this girl :ny-mope:


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1 hour ago, jemjeremjem1 said:

I love everything about her, every time she smile, laugh, even cry, my fav part of her face is her chick bone

Totally agree:ny-yes:

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14 hours ago, jemjeremjem1 said:

I love everything about her, every time she smile, laugh, even cry, my fav part of her face is her chick bone

Yeah That's true! Nayeon is the definition of beautiful! 

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What do I like about Nayeon ?

Wow hard questions

I like Nayeon so much that I don't even know why can I say here... Isn't it too difficult to name just some things ? Like this girl is just so cute, adorable, gorgeous, amazing, talented and skilled...

I can't chose just one thing ... So I'll answer, what I like about Nayeon is Herself :3

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If this question was answer a year ago (I wonder if I did answer this previously :ny-hmm:) , it will be because she is cute and funny.

However, now she has become the little sunshine I have to cheer me up or motivate me to do something.

I do not know when it turn this way but I am glad it did :ny-yes:

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I Really Like Nayeon's Outgoing Personality

And It Makes Her #3 On My Bias List

She Looks So Fun To Play With When You're Lonely

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      The members also showed their appreciation for their fans through various social media posts throughout the day.
      On their Twitter account, a photo of the group was posted with the caption, “Thank you for being by TWICE’s side for 1000 days. It’s because of ONCEs [official TWICE fanclub name] that TWICE was happy, is happy, and will continue to be happy. We hope that all of us will keep the excitement and special feelings from our first meeting 1000 days ago in our hearts and continue to look forward to the same goals and spend another 1000 days together.”
      They also shared a link to TWICE’s first meeting with ONCEs through a Naver V Live broadcast and captioned it, “The day we first met.”
      Some of the members also took to TWICE’s Instagram account to post heartfelt messages to their fans. The members have been sharing selfies and personal messages to their fans throughout this comeback, and the members who posted on July 15 did not forget to mention the milestone and express their gratitude.
      Nayeon posted a handful of selfies and wrote, “It must have been very tiring and hot today, but thank you so, so much for coming to support us. I wish we could have laughed and talked together more today, but we really were able to complete our performances well because so many ONCEs came to see us. And it’s already our 1000th day. Wow, though we don’t have a performance prepared like for our 500th day, I’ve come with some selfies,” and the hashtag “I’m grateful and happy for the last 1000 days.”
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