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    • By NoShynaNoLife
      Sana's Pouting, Angry or Staring is really a killer ! ONCE again enough gif and picture to start this thread LOL
      Let admire and appreciate the Art of Pouting !! Feel free to share !! Sharing is LOVE
      1. Gif

      2. Picture
    • By NoShynaNoLife
      Sana + Aegyo = Master of Aegyo  A Sana's Aegyo A Day Keeps The ONCEs Alive 
      Feel free to share more of Sana's Aegyo Let us all MELTED & DED together !!!
      1. AH / Bang Bang Aegyo

      2. Sana's Cute Voice
      Cheese Kimbap
      3. Oh Hyo Oh Hyo
      4. Sana's Oppaya
      5. Flying Sana
      6. Animal Sana
      7. Random Aegyo
    • By NoShynaNoLife
      Sana really like to bpo bpo other members
      Her future hubby must be damn fortunate since she already training how to kiss HAHAHA LOL
      1. Sana's Flying Kiss <3

      2. NaSa
      3. JeongSa
      4. MoSa
      5. SaJi
      6. SaMi
      7. SaiDa
      8. SaChae
      9. SaTzu
    • By NoShynaNoLife
      As a Sana' Stan, You probably realized that Sana have this tongue habit which is to moist her lips cause too dry ? OR just like to play with her tongue ? OR whatever reasons LOL
      I don't really have a thing or fetish for tongue but sometimes you just can't help but to notice it
      1. GIF

      2. PICTURES
    • By NoShynaNoLife
      Time to share my collection of Sana's HEARTEU !!! finally collected enough gif to start this thread LOL
      Feel free to share more of Sana's Hearteu
      1. Gif

      2. Pic