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[UPDATE! 171217] Twice Fansite List

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[!] 160509 Updates:

  • This list now strictly focuses on fansites who has taken personal fancam/fantaken pictures of the Twice members. Translation accounts/ GIF makers etc are now taken off this list.
  • Some fansites have trouble concentrating on their biases that it made my life harder to categorize lol. So any fansites that has a lot of pictures of the other members despite their twitter DPs/Banner and fansite name are now categorized under 'OT9' category.
  • [NEW] Now available with Youtube links!

[!!] 171217 Updates:

  • [NEW] Now available with Instagram links!   
  • Updated with more fansites.
  • Updated statuses of fansites, removed expired sites.



  • Green – Active
  • Blue – Hiatus/Hasn’t been updated for the past 1 month
  • Red – No longer updated (in a span of 6 months)
  • * - Notes
  • (W) - Available Website (Wordpress, Tistory, etc) Link
  • (T) - Available Twitter Link
  • (Y) - Available Youtube Link
  • (I) - Available Instagram Link
  • [N] - Newly added in the 171217 update 




  • [N]1for2 (T) (W)    
  • 어 화 잇 트 : TW (T) (W) 
  • [N]BLANK (T) (W)
  • [N]crushtwice (T)
  • [N]DrawingTWICE (T) (I)
  • 두두 (T) 
  • [N]Enneagon1020 (T) (W)                                                                                    
  • Twice_advance (T)
  •  오늘두부탁 (T)
  • [N]호잉(T)
  • [N]모노 (T) (W)
  • [N]웨니린린(T)
  • [N]어화잇트 : TW (T) (W)
  • [N] 마쉬멜로우(Mashimellow)(T)
  • [N]Jellybeans (T)
  • [N]지방이(T)
  • [N]It's Krad's (T) (Y)
  • [N]studioPARN (T)
  •  텐더아이즈 (T) 
  • [N]TwiceOnceLand(T)
  •  유독 (T)  
  •  두부애기사랑해 (T) (W)
  • hotwice (T) *last updated 171109
  • Twice Studio (T) *last updated 171118
  • AllTwice.com (T) (W)   
  • O2 (T) 
  • [N]챙구 (T) (W)
  • [N]티팟(Twice_pot) (T
  • [N]하늘연달 스무날/10-Twice-20 (T) (W)
  • [N]AllTwice (T) (W)
  • [N]사탕발림 (T)
  • [N]Peacelove (T) (W)
  • [N]제우스(ZEUS)(T) (W)
  • Lovelybunny (T) *last updated(14 months ago)
  •  Satangbaleem (T) *last updated(6 monts ago)
  • Baby Angel (T) (W) *last updated 160207


Other Members (OTPs, etc):  

  • Beauty And Beat (Mina & Momo) (T) (W)
  • [N]2yeon fever (Nayeon & Jeongyeon) (T
  • [N]MONI_SATZU(Sana & Tzuyu) (T) (W)
  • [N]coup de fourde. (Jeongyeon & Mina) (T)
  • [N]MOZZI House(Momo & Jihyo) (T)
  • [N]FLORESCENT[Sana & Chaeyoung] (T)
  • Chouchu사실   좋아해 (Tzuyu & Sana) (T) (W) *last updated 151115 



  •  하트립 (T) (W)
  •  나연이랑 (T) (Y)
  •  나숭힝 (T)
  • [N]F4.25 (T)
  • [N]WanderLust (T)
  • [N]first rabbit (T) (W)
  • [N]MyElegantGirl (T) (W)
  • 체리콕 🍒 (T) (W) *last updated 170131
  • Favorite (T) *last updated 151103



  • Black Paint (T)
  • 유플러스 (T) (W)
  •  Jace (T) (W)
  • ᵁᵀᴵᶠᵁᴸ 유티풀 (T) (W)
  • [N]Eleven And One (T)
  • [N]Brilliant Topaz (T)
  • [N]정연의법칙 (T)
  • [N]노잼정연맘 (T)
  • Smile1101 (T)



  • close (T)
  • 모요모요 (T) (W) 
  •  RingX3(T)
  •  peachmomo(모숭아) (T) (W)
  • [N]피치톡톡 (T) (Y)
  • [N]close (T
  • [N]써클인모모 (T
  • [N]Fairyism (T)
  • [N]Throbbing_Egg (T)
  • [N]DoDoMoMo (T)
  • [N]Sweet Peach (T) (W)
  • 모구리닷컴 (T) (W) *last updated 171108
  • Peach Romance (T)
  • Peach Pink Punch (T) 
  • Momoya (T)
  • PS (T)
  •  PeacH (T)
  • Ice Tea (T) 



  • candy frappe (T)
  • A Mood Board (T) 
  • 사나의여름 (T) (Y)
  • [N]ㅋㅅㅅ (T)
  • [N]사나의 콧냄세 (T)
  • [N]White Heather 1229 (T)
  • [N]season in the sun (T)
  • [N]Had Me At Hello (T)
  • [N]CottonCandy (T) (W)
  • [N]12:29 (T)
  • [N]사카츄 (T)
  • [N]PineconeSanaChina (T)
  • [N]사나는 못말려 (T)
  • [N]Flake Of Snow (T) (W)
  • [N]사나에 빠진 딸기 (T)
  • [N]나의 하루 (T)
  • My Light (T) *last update 160321
  • 사나에 빠진 딸기 (T) *last update 160123
  • My Haru/Spring (나의 하루) (T) *last update 151114
  • No Sana No Life (T) *last update 151117 



  • [N]Asante (T)
  •  Under The Sea (T) (W)
  • [N]찍죠 (T)
  • [N]Wink Angel (T)
  • [N]Jihyochip (T)
  • [N]AT THE END (T)
  • [N]2분 1초의 기적 (T)
  • [N]ε천사지효3 (T) (W)
  • [N]INFI (T)
  • 지효옆자리 (T) (W) *last update 171023
  • 진진 [반동결] (T) 
  • BlackJJack (T)
  • [N]지효랑 (T)
  • Jihyorang (T) *last update 151105



  • Sweet Smile 0324 (T) (W)
  • Miracle Night (T)
  • Spring of South Pole (T) (W)
  • [N]세묘입미나 (T)
  • [N]미또파 (T)
  • [N]미나를미나 (T)
  • [N]미나라이트 (T)
  • [N]myou (T) (W)
  • [N]love me now! (T)
  • [N]Ballerina Mina (T) (W)
  • [N]Alpha Crucis (T)
  • [N]𝓂𝒾𝓃𝒶_𝒸𝓊𝓇𝓋𝑒𝓈 (T)
  • Black Swan (T) 
  • Flower Mina (T) 
  •  With Mina (T) (W)
  • [N]아름다운미소:) (T)
  • [N]Spring of South Pole (T) (W)
  • [N]Mina Day (T)



  • Shine a light (T) (W)
  • Best Dahyun (Choigo Dahyun) (T) (W)
  •    (T)
  •  White Bean (T) (W)
  • 오늘두부탁해 (T)
  • Dear Dahyun (T) (W)
  • The night I count the stars (T) 
  • phdrj_twice (W)



  •  A Born Artist (T) (W)
  •  채영꿀노잼(Honey Chaeng) (T)
  • [N]시금 (T)
  • [N]vividfilm (T) (W)
  • Flawless April (T) (W)
  • Drop the beat (T) (W)
  • At The Flow  (T) (W) 
  • Near and dear (T) (W)



  • Delta Trap (T) (W)
  • [N]Tzu t`aime (T)
  • [N]ᴀɴɢᴇʟᴛɪᴍᴇ (T)
  • [N]sugarglider (T) (Y)
  • [N]막내쯔(TZUYU_corp) (T)
  • Gemini (T) *last update 160115
  • My Fairy (T) *last update 151023
  • Lucky Eevee (T) (W)
  • Twice0614 (T) (W)
  • Pegasus (T) (W)

Mentions (MultiFandom):

  • DISK (T) (W)
  • SHAQ (T) (W)
  • Studi0-G (T) (W)
  • GirlGroupCD (W) 
  • Rainy (T)
  •  smile -wA- (Y)
  •  Jibbazee (T) (W) (Y)
  • 순덕스튜디오 (T) *last updated 171120
  • 대학생 업로드용 Upload (T) (W) *last updated 170401


PS. Sorry if I missed a few, until the next update!  :sn-cutie:

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5 hours ago, HeinzMina said:



This awesome YT Channel always have mina cuts for those who long for mina like me :)

The channel also have some HD fancams and eng subs

credits to mina's ketchup

is it legit for this youtube channel as a fansite? since its a channel dedicated to twice

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2 hours ago, Dal Poop said:

is it legit for this youtube channel as a fansite? since its a channel dedicated to twice

I actually know that channel, I go there at times too. 

But I don't think it's a fansite, cause this user doesn't upload his/her original contents like the other fansites (Only cuts of their shows or reuploaded fancams). I'll check his/her twitter though. But remember I'll only update it after every month ^^

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It isn't even a month yet and I feel like the list is so outdated lol

But I will still be updating this on 151212. I'm currently tracking down new fansites so watch out for that ^^ 

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6 hours ago, cher008a said:

Scarecrowhut - http://scarecrowhut.tistory.com

Still looking for Twice pictures on the site. Not sure if this is allowed but here's a Google Drive of what I have collected so far. Haven't updated it lately. I have just been saving pictures from various fansites.

Twice Google Drive

Thanks! The scarecrowhut link seems to be missing in my bookmarks when I was making this list. I am 100% sure they have Twice pics tho, but I'll have to get to it when I'm on desktop ^^ I'll check your drive too later :D

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