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[UPDATE! 171217] Twice Fansite List

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this is awesome! thanks

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On 11/12/2015 at 8:27 PM, Alex97 said:

[!] 160509 Updates:

  • This list now strictly focuses on fansites who has taken personal fancam/fantaken pictures of the Twice members. Translation accounts/ GIF makers etc are now taken off this list.
  • Some fansites have trouble concentrating on their biases that it made my life harder to categorize lol. So any fansites that has a lot of pictures of the other members despite their twitter DPs/Banner and fansite name are now categorized under 'OT9' category.
  • [NEW] Now available with Youtube links!




  • Green – Active
  • Blue – Hiatus/Hasn’t been updated for the past 1 month
  • Red – No longer updated (in a span of 6 months)
  • * - Notes
  • (W) - Available Website (Wordpress, Tistory, etc) Link
  • (T) - Available Twitter Link
  • (Y) - Available Youtube Link
  • [N] - Newly added in the 160509 update 




  • AllTwice.com (T) (W)       
  • A White (T) (W)     
  • Doodoo (T)                                                                                    
  • O2 (T)
  • ZUES (T) (W)
  • Lovelybunny (T)
  • Twice_advance (T)
  • Medlar_Tw (T)
  • [N] 오늘두부탁 (T)
  • [N] Peacelove  (T)   
  • [N] Satangbaleem (T) 
  • [N] Tender Eyes (T)
  • [N] Twice Studio (T) (W)
  • [N] Yu_Dog_ (T) 
  • [N] Chaeng900 (T) (W) 
  • [N] hotwice (T) 
  • [N] 두부애기사랑해 (T) 
  • [N] TwiceMirrorless (T) (W)
  • Baby Angel (T) (W) *last updated 160207
  • 하늘연달 스무날/10-Twice-20 (T) (W) *last updated 160127
  • DuDaeng (T) *last updated 151225
  • Twice.pot (T) *last updated 151202


Other Members (OTPs, etc):

  • Hitchhiker (Jungyeon & Sana) (T)   
  • [N] Beauty And Beat (Mina & Momo) (T) (W)
  • Lemonade Twice (Nayeon, Momo, Sana, Dahyun & Chaeyoung) (W)
  • Chouchu사실   좋아해 (Tzuyu & Sana) (T) (W) *last updated 151115 



  • Cherry Cokk (T) (W)
  • A Bonnie Lass (T) (W)
  • My elegant girl (T) (W)
  • [N] Heartlipped (T)
  • [N] Nayeon2Rang (T) (Y)
  • [N] 나숭힝 (T)
  • It's your turn (T) *last updated 151106
  • Favorite (T) *last updated 151103



  • Black Paint (T) (W)
  • Yuplus (T) (W)
  • Smile1101 (T)
  • [N] Jace (T) (W)
  • [N] Utiful (T) (W)
  • Seeyu (T) *last updated 151228
  • Heart Punch (T) *last updated 151031



  • Peach Romance (T)
  • Momoya (T)
  • Peach Pink Punch (T) 
  • Midnight Moment (T)
  • MoyoMoyo (T) (W) 
  • Momo119 (T) *Fancammer
  •  PeacH (T)
  • [N] Der Blonde (T)
  • [N] MomoRaccoon (T)
  • [N] PS (T)
  • [N] 모구리닷컴 (T) (W)
  • [N] PeachMoMo (T) (W)
  • Ice Tea (T) *last updated 151229



  • Candy Frappe (T) (W)
  • Spacewalk (T)
  • Flake Of Snow (T) (W)
  • [N] A Mood Board (T) 
  • [N] 사나의여름 (T) (Y)
  • My Light (T) *last update 160321
  • 사나에 빠진 딸기 (T) *last update 160123
  • My Haru/Spring (나의 하루) (T) *last update 151114
  • No Sana No Life (T) *last update 151117



  • 겨울과  사이✨(Winter Spring) (T)
  • parkjihyodot (T) (W)
  • 천사지효 (T)
  • JinJin (T) 
  • [N] Asante (T)
  • [N] BlackJJack (T)
  • [N] Under The Sea (T) (W)
  • Jihyorang (T) *last update 151105



  • Sweet Smile 0324 (T) (W)
  • [N] Spring of South Pole (T) (W)
  • [N] Flower Mina (T) 
  • [N] With Mina (T) (W)
  • Miracle Night (T) *last update 160205
  • Black Swan (T) *last update 151230



  • Shine a light (T) (W)
  • Dear Dahyun (T) (W)
  • Best Dahyun (Choigo Dahyun) (T) (W)
  • Kim Dubu (T) (W1) (W2)
  •    (T)
  • The night I count the stars (T) 
  • [N] Soon Dubu (T)
  • [N] White Bean (T) (W)
  • Hello Mellow (T) (W) *last update 160118
  • phdrj_twice (W)



  • Drop the beat (T) (W)
  • Near and dear (T) (W)
  • At The Flow  (T) (W) 
  • [N] A Born Artist (T) (W)
  • [N] 채영꿀노잼(Honey Chaeng) (T)
  • Flawless April (T) (W) *last update 160208



  • Delta Trap (T) (W)
  • Lucky Eevee (T) (W)
  • Twice0614 (T) (W)
  • Pegasus (T) (W)
  • Gemini (T) *last update 160115
  • My Fairy (T) *last update 151023


Mentions (MultiFandom):


PS. Sorry if I missed a few, until the next update!  :sn-cutie:

Guess I have a new hobby this coming school year...:ty-peek: (no it's not studying)

Thank you very much!! :dh-eagle:

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Oh cool! I didnt know this thred exists before. This so helping!!!!:sn-aww:

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Just to let you know I'll still be updating this, so watch out for that ^^

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2 hours ago, WhiteBlue said:

This needs to be updated... :ny-look:

on it ^^


Edited by Alex97
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