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[!] News Section Posting Guidelines

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To keep the news section orderly and reliable, please follow the below posting guidelines:

  1. Only post news articles from site such as: Soompi, Naver, Daum, Moonrok, etc. Please provide brief English summaries of Korean sources (embedded tweets followed by a link to the original source are permitted: example).
    1. Note: Just coming from a new source does not mean it automatically goes in the News section. For example, when news sources such as Koreaboo post Netizen comments, those still belong in the new Netizen Zone.
  2. Link all original sources.
  3. Miscellaneous news & rumors can be posted in the Discussions section.
    1. Example of Discussion vs News: If a member of Twice opens an individual Instagram account, a Team Twice member could post that update in the Discussions section. If AKP wrote an article on the member of Twice opening an individual account, the article would belong in the News section.
  4. Please title all posts with the original article's headline. If posting a translated summary, you may write your own subject & don't need to post the Korean article headline.

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