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[OFFICIAL] Yoo Jeongyeon (유정연) Spazz Thread!

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thesky    14


cr: jjangyeon

Here it is, guys. Let's share all about Jungyeon here. Everything about her that you want other to see or things you want to say about Jungyeon.

Because, what's more fun than spazzing? It's spazzing together! Don't you think so?


cr: Yuplus


cr: BlackPaint


cr: Yuplus


Let's love Jungyeon and go crazy over her together! :tw_blush: 


cr: Yuplus 

Come on, let's go! 


cr: jjangyeon



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Infident    74
On 12/20/2015 at 8:21 PM, thesky said:

This picture of her is beyond-godlike.. I don't know how can I explain


                                                Your posts are really awesome! Don't stop posting it!
                                                and I like the fact that you credit to the source owner.






Edited by Infident

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thesky    14
On 22/12/2015 at 6:14 PM, Infident said:


Thanks! I'll try to keep posting hehe 




[CF] Elsword


I like this CF. Girls. in pink. with guns. shooting monsters. Cool! Haha





Cool Yoo is cool.






Thank you YEONxPASTEL, for sharing the CAP & GIF with links so we can save it! 









151225 MuBank Arrival 2.jpg151225 MuBank Arrival 1.jpg151225 MuBank Arrival 5.jpg151225 MuBank Arrival 6.jpg

Press Pictures


151225 MuBank Arrival.jpg

cr: keyhami




151225 MuBank Arrival.jpg

cr: thestudio




cr: Studio Parn 


151227 SAF (Park Sohyun's Love Game)


151227 SAF (Park Sohyun's Love Game) (2).jpg


151227 SAF (Park Sohyun's Love Game) ©스포츠조선닷컴 3.jpg

Press Picture

151227 SAF (Park Sohyun's Love Game) © scarecrow_tears.jpg

cr: scarecrow_tears

151227 SAF (Park Sohyun's Love Game) © bigapplevg.tistory.com.jpg

cr: bigapplevg

151227 SAF (Park Sohyun's Love Game) - yooop.tistory.com 1.jpg

cr: yooop

151227 SAF (Park Sohyun's Love Game).jpg

cr: DooDoo_22


151227 SBS Gayo Daejun


151227 SBS Gayo Daejun 227.jpg

151227 SBS Gayo Daejun 8.jpg

151227 SBS Gayo Daejun 22.jpg

151227 SBS Gayo Daejun 19.jpg

Press Pictures

151227 SBS Gayo Daejun - sbs_tv (1).jpg

From: sbs_tv


cr: BlackPaint


151230 SAF Special Stage


151230 SAF - newsen 1.jpg

Press Picture

151230 SAF 1.jpg151230 SAF.jpg






cr: _Smile1101






















Happy New Year, everyone!


There is this post on Pann. 


Netizens discuss idol who doesn’t know she’s beautiful via Koreaboo 

Although TWICE is known for being a group made of visuals, netizens are convinced that member Jungyeon doesn’t know how beautiful she really is. 

In a recent interview, the JYP Entertainment rookie admitted that she doesn’t find herself beautiful, causing many fans to try to convince her that she is. A post on Pannshowing just how beautiful the rookie idol is has gained a lot of attention online, with many positive responses.

Find out what Netizens had to say about this article below!

In an interview, she admitted that she doesn’t look pretty when she smiles, and therefore she doesn’t consider herself pretty. I hope she realizes how pretty she really is


In the interview, she also said that she was envious at the other members’ looks, and that she felt she didn’t fit in. Cameras really don’t capture her beauty, so she doesn’t realize how pretty she is. What a waste



She says she doesn’t think she looks good she smiles, so she’s always making silly facesㅠㅠ

But she’s actually really prettyㅠㅠ



I hope she realizes that she’s really pretty


Her cuteness and awkwardness are charmingㅠㅠ




She has the type of face that I really like

Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[+ 107, – 0] I think it’s probably because her sister is Gong Seung Yeon and she’s super gorgeous. She probably grew up hearing that her sister is so beautiful. She may look strong but she’s a very delicate girl

[+ 84, – 3] She’s really pretty….honestly she looks gorgeous if her hairs a bit longer.

[+ 61, – 5] I think she would look ridiculously gorgeous if her hair was a bit longer.

Source: Pann



That makes me sad.
Does she seriously think she is not pretty?
When she says 'this member is pretty' or 'that member has pretty smile and I don't', I thought she just casually say it. 

I know people said Pann is just like fans post or something but that post makes me wonder if she really doesn't find herself pretty. 
When it comes to confidence, I don't think she's lack of confidence. She shows her no makeup face nonchalantly, like in the Instagram or that last Vapp broadcast. She does dork stuff and weird face like; this is me if you like it, fine - if you don't, okay. 
You need confidence to do that, right?

So, that post just an exaggeration, right? 
Because if it's not, if she really doesn't think she is pretty. Then I'm hurt. /sad mode on/ 
Because I'm here like, I can stare at you forever and still can't get enough of you Yoo Jeongyeon! 
Even after all that weird face you do, you still the one who attracts me the most! 
How could you... how could you not know how beautiful you are! /angry mode on/


She is so beautiful. I like her smile. 


cr: all-twice.com


cr: studio-g.tistory.com

151105 Fansign @ ballerina tokkie (1).jpg

cr: Ballerina Tokki

151028 Man From U.N.C.L.E Premiere 2.jpg







cr: Yuplus


151220 3.jpg


cr: blackpaint


151220 Fansigning @ Cheongnyangni 1.jpg

cr: SHAQ

151204 Fansigning @ Daejun 3.jpg

cr: momo_961109


cr: peachmomo



Sixteen (40).gif

Insta (3).gif

cr: @19961101_

Twice TV (1).gif

cr: blackpaint

And I definitely love her laugh.

I don't become a fan often but when I do, I'm obsessive. 










14  by 505mono.jpg

cr: 505mono


TWICE x HIGH CUT x INNISFREE - Steamlight Foundation special video



TWICE x HIGH CUT x INNISFREE - Behind the Scenes Video




TWICE X Sudden Attack


Character Making


Jeongyeon's Character & Game Voice





160107 MCountdown & Mini Fanmeeting


160107 MCountdown (1).jpg

160107 MCountdown (4).jpg160107 MCountdown (2).jpg160107 MCountdown (6).jpg


160107 MCountdown Mini Fanmeeting  - @tpfla8520.jpg

cr: ggul no jam

160107 MCountdown Mini Fanmeeting (1).jpg

160107 MCountdown Mini Fanmeeting (3).jpg

cr: nineopal

160107 MCountdown Mini Fanmeeting.jpg

cr: SHAQ

160107 MCountdown Mini Fanmeeting - @Hitchhiker1996.jpg

cr: Hitchhiker

160107 MCountdown Mini Fanmeeting .jpg

cr: peachmomo


160109 MuCore & Mini Fanmeeting 


160110 Airport 


160110 Gimpo Airport to Beijing ©H헤럴드POP 2.jpg

160110 Gimpo Airport to Beijing ©fnstar.jpg

160110 Gimpo Airport to Beijing ©mydaily 1.jpg

160110 Gimpo Airport to Beijing ©news1.jpg

Press Pictures

160110 Gimpo Airport to Beijing (2).jpg

160110 Gimpo Airport to Beijing (1).jpg

cr: SHAQ

160110 Gimpo Airport to Beijing © thestudio.kr 1.jpg

160110 Gimpo Airport to Beijing © thestudio.kr 2.jpg160110 Gimpo Airport to Beijing © thestudio.kr 3.jpg

cr: thestudio.kr

160110 Gimpo Airport to Beijing - @sense1020  1.jpg

cr: sense

So guys..       :tumbleweed:    uhm guys...? 
Ahhh... I'm going solo.

Why? Is it because there aren't many Jeongyeon stans here or did I do something wrong? 

Should I keep posting pictures? 

Edited by thesky
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You did something wrong alright

You might have killed off all the Jeongyeon stans with your pictures of Jeongyeon

Please do not stop I think that Jeongyeon stans just prefer to lurk so you are currently the best Jeongyeon stan there is 


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thesky    14
8 minutes ago, LazyWatermelon said:

You did something wrong alright

You might have killed off all the Jeongyeon stans with your pictures of Jeongyeon

Please do not stop I think that Jeongyeon stans just prefer to lurk so you are currently the best Jeongyeon stan there is 


Ashdghgfl... your first sentence almost gave me heart attack. I thought I really did something wrong. :ny-lol:

Ah.. thank you. I thought this thread is invisible or something. :mn-cry:


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thesky    14
On 1/14/2016 at 5:52 AM, jojomallo said:

Even if she's JungDerp i'd still love her lol 

You are not alone :mm-pdnim:








160111 Gimpo Airport







Press Pict



cr: blackpaint

160113 Skoolooks Event













Press Pict

160115 KBS National Idol Singing Contest (filming)




cr: ddttd.tistory.com


cr: blackpaint

160119 KBS Open Concert



cr: sense




cr: @poiu475



cr: 51hyeoniu.tistory.com 


cr: SHAQ




cr: _Smile1101


160121 GDA











Press Pict


And oh! Congratulations~ Congratulations~

Congratulations TWICE for winning Golden Disk New Artist Award!!! 





Edited by thesky
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thesky    14


Jeongyeon 1.jpgJeongyeon 2.jpg




TWICE 1st mini album 100일 기념 팬사인회 안내 http://cafe.daum.net/twicejyp/cfef/1 


151220 Fansigning @ Cheongnyangni (1).jpg




TWICE & ONCE 100 Days http://cafe.daum.net/twicejyp/cfef/2 



KBS We are Siblings



160129 Bon Bon Olympic Filming 


160129 BonBon Olympic Filming - 1hyeoniu.tistory.com 6.jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming - 1hyeoniu.tistory.com 7.jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming - 1hyeoniu.tistory.com 8.jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming - 1hyeoniu.tistory.com 1.jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming - 1hyeoniu.tistory.com 2.jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming - 1hyeoniu.tistory.com 3.jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming - 1hyeoniu.tistory.com 4.jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming - 1hyeoniu.tistory.com 5.jpg

cr: 1hyeoniu.tistory.com


160129 BonBon Olympic Filming 6.jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming 7.jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming 8.jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming 2.jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming 3.jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming 5.jpg




160129 BonBon Olympic Filming - hotwice 6.jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming - hotwice 7.jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming - hotwice 8.jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming - hotwice 9.jpg

cr: hotwice


160129 BonBon Olympic Filming (9).jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming (10).jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming (1).jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming (2).jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming (3).jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming (6).jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming (7).jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming (8).jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming (4).jpg160129 BonBon Olympic Filming (5).jpg

cr: science8.tistory.com




160201 Muscle Queen Filming 


160201 Muscle Queen Filming - 9.jpg160201 Muscle Queen Filming - 12.jpg160201 Muscle Queen Filming - 11.jpg

160201 Muscle Queen Filming - 8.jpg

160201 Muscle Queen Filming - 7.jpg

160201 Muscle Queen Filming - 6.jpg

160201 Muscle Queen Filming - 5.jpg

160201 Muscle Queen Filming - 4.jpg

160201 Muscle Queen Filming - 3.jpg

160201 Muscle Queen Filming - 2.jpg

160201 Muscle Queen Filming - 1.jpg



160201 Muscle Queen Prerecording.jpg160201 Muscle Queen Prerecording 1.jpg160201 Muscle Queen Prerecording 2.jpg160201 Muscle Queen Prerecording 3.jpg160201 Muscle Queen Prerecording 4.jpg160201 Muscle Queen Prerecording 5.jpg160201 Muscle Queen Prerecording 6.jpg

cr: science8.tistory.com 



160201 Muscle Queen Filming - 1hyeoniu.tistory.com 3.jpg160201 Muscle Queen Filming - 1hyeoniu.tistory.com 2.jpg160201 Muscle Queen Filming - 1hyeoniu.tistory.com 1.jpg

cr: 1hyeoniu.tistory.com


She's so pretty I can't even... 


Edited by thesky
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On 02/02/2016 at 10:45 AM, thesky said:





TWICE 1st mini album 100일 기념 팬사인회 안내 http://cafe.daum.net/twicejyp/cfef/1 

TWICE & ONCE 100 Days http://cafe.daum.net/twicejyp/cfef/2 

KBS We are Siblings


Jungyeon oppa:jy-rawr:

and Seungyeon looks like she's a dongsaeng lol :cy-omo:

Edited by TWICE_UP
don't quote photos

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Pinxit    22

JY is so embarrasing... lmao that's why I love her. 

I miss her really short hair, but I squealed when I saw her little ponytail. So cute! 




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Emperor Ryu    19

Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!  Jungyeon!

I'm spazzing!

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callirae    5
On 2/22/2016 at 7:17 PM, Rebel_Patriot said:

Jungyeon has some serious beautiful looks going on underneath the tomboy persona she has and the image she had in Ooh Ahh. 

Well, the tomboy thing is not a persona XD

Also, I think she looks even more beautiful with short hair.


I think this following thing is so interesting...

On Jihyo and Jeongyeon's V broadcast recently...

Jeongyeon admitted a secret!

She said, up until 2nd or 3rd grade (I can't remember)

...she had a boys' name!

Her birth name was Gyeongwan!

But, people teased her for having a boys' name, so her mom changed her name to Jeongyeon.

I thought that was an interesting fact!

Edited by minablackswan
separating reply from separate post
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ozaira    173

I hope one day her stylist comes to their senses and lets Jeongyeon grow out her hair to assume her true form, SIXTEEN JEONGYEON. I've seen some people act the complete opposite. But for me, SIXTEEN hair > LOA hair. 

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Emperor Ryu    19

Short hair, long hair.  She's beautiful either way to me.  Just wait until she builds up enough beauty cred, then we'll all get the shrine called Jungyeon Beauty Goddess!

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I just want to say that Jungyeon is absolutely beautiful, pretty and especially super duper gorgeous.  And i'm speaking for all of the Jungyeon stans out there because they also know that they're beautiful, pretty and especially super duper gorgeous.  For sure, she is absolutely, totally AND most definitely nowhere near ugly or attractive at all, period.  God willing Jungyeon will forever and always know this true fact for the rest of her life until that fateful day she takes her last breath and leaves this very precious planet that we call the Earth.  And I want everyone here to know that I really do mean all of this in a very, very, very good way because I do think that every single girl in this world is beautiful and of course I know that Jungyeon is truly no exception to the rule at all, period.

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      She also revealed that out of the three siblings, Jungyeon was the most advanced and had the most interest in makeup!
        Despite not being as interested in makeup as Jungyeon, Gong Seung Yeon said she’s slowly introducing herself to various products.

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      "The stillest part of the hurricane is its center"
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      Jeongyeon's birthday is coming up on the 1st of November and Team Twice will be sending her a printed book filled with fan messages and photos to let her know Once think she is one in a million!
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      Post a message to Jeongyeon wishing her a happy birthday. Post a photo with a fansign wishing her a happy birthday. Post a piece of fanart for her birthday. Rules & Guidelines
      Messages must be under 100 words in length. Messages over 100 words will not be included in the book. Messages must be in English or Korean. Do not use Google Translate to translate. No emojis Images must be at least 4in x 5.5in (horizontal or vertical) and 300dpi. Each participant may submit one photo (fansign, fanart, etc.) and one message. Deadline
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    • By MyiMina
      Hello~ I'm back with a new edit that some of you waited for. I'm actually working on others, don't worry. ~
      If you are a Jeongyeon stan, I'm sure you'll love this edit.~ (Well, i hope so..)
      Here it is ~  

      This was an unexpected concept from me I guess.. But I really like that vibe in her. I think it suits her~
      (Sorry for the bad quality...  )

      What do you think 친구들?