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The Official TWICETAGRAM Thread

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I'm probably overthinking this, but maybe we should re-upload the pictures and copy/paste the caption in each of the posts, so that in case anything ever gets deleted, we can still find it back here? Just a random suggestion, I hate it when some people suddenly deletes pictures/all their pictures and then everything is forever lost :(

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150810 updates






재미있어 보인다.....
나도 짠 잘하는데....
외롭다? 고독하다 ?
저와 함께 짠 한번 해주실 분 없나요??? 여러분 설정샷인거 아시죠?
트와이스는 #착해요 #가족

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150811 updates



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#룸메언니들의사랑 #감동#아까워서못먹겠어요 #그래도먹으라고주신거니까잘먹을게요 ❤
방에 들어왔는데 딱....>_< 정연,모모언니 고마워요~~ -다현이가


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오늘! 갓세븐 선배님들의 새 앨범이 나왔어요~~~~ 앨범도 뮤비도 너무 예쁘고!! 안무가 완전 멋짐? 여러분~모두 'Fly' 지금 당장 들으러 가봅시다!!!!오예 플라아하아아 아아아??????? #GOT7 #FLY#갓세븐 #트와이스 #TWICE #JYPNATION


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      You might have wondered why I was taking so long to update the WIP.
      There was something really important in the way xD
      It's the birthday of our beloved Yoda(errr), #Tzuyu!
      Our maknae really captivates everyone with her beauty and savageness(#prayforJihyo)
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      TWICE's Dahyun celebrates her 20th birthday with ONCE

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      Dahyun, a member of K-pop girl band TWICE, celebrated her 20th birthday on Monday.

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      Back from an almost 2 year hiatus from the forum.
      Glad to see the forum grow so much and fast in two years, kudos to the OG people who started things from the ground up back then during the OHH-AHH days. 
      And i see a handful of you guys with Jokbal in your name id, hahaha. Jokbal club maybe?