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    • By Alex97
      [!] 160509 Updates:
      This list now strictly focuses on fansites who has taken personal fancam/fantaken pictures of the Twice members. Translation accounts/ GIF makers etc are now taken off this list. Some fansites have trouble concentrating on their biases that it made my life harder to categorize lol. So any fansites that has a lot of pictures of the other members despite their twitter DPs/Banner and fansite name are now categorized under 'OT9' category. [NEW] Now available with Youtube links! [!] 171217 Updates:
       [NEW] Now available with Instagram links!      ---
      Green – Active Blue – Hiatus/Hasn’t been updated for the past 1 month Red – No longer updated (in a span of 6 months) * - Notes (W) - Available Website (Wordpress, Tistory, etc) Link (T) - Available Twitter Link (Y) - Available Youtube Link (I) - Available Instagram Link [N] - Newly added in the 171217 update  ---
      [N]1for2 (T) (W) AllTwice.com (T) (W)        A White (T) (W)  [N]BLANK (T) (W) [N]crushtwice (T) [N]DrawingTWICE (T) (I) Doodoo (T)  [N]Enneagon1020 (T) (W)                                                                                     ZUES (T) (W) Lovelybunny (T) Twice_advance (T) Medlar_Tw (T)  오늘두부탁해 (T) [N]호잉(T) [N]모노 (T) (W) [N]웨니린린(T) [N]어화잇트 : TW (T) (W) [N] 마쉬멜로우(Mashimellow)(T) [N]Jellybeans (T) [N]지방이(T) [N]It's Krad's (T) (Y)  Peacelove  (T)     Satangbaleem (T)  [N]studioPARN (T)  Tender Eyes (T)  Twice Studio (T) (W) [N]TwiceOnceLand(T)  Yu_Dog_ (T)   Chaeng900 (T) (W)  hotwice (T)   두부애기사랑해 (T)   TwiceMirrorless (T) (W) Baby Angel (T) (W) *last updated 160207 하늘연달 스무날/10-Twice-20 (T) (W) *last updated 160127 DuDaeng (T) *last updated 151225 Twice.pot (T) *last updated 151202 O2 (T)  [N]챙구 (T) (W) [N]티팟(Twice_pot) (T)  [N]하늘연달 스무날/10-Twice-20 (T) (W) [N]AllTwice (T) (W) [N]사탕발림 (T) [N]Peacelove (T) (W) [N]제우스(ZEUS)(T) (W)  
      Other Members (OTPs, etc):
      Hitchhiker (Jungyeon & Sana) (T)    [N] Beauty And Beat (Mina & Momo) (T) (W) Lemonade Twice (Nayeon, Momo, Sana, Dahyun & Chaeyoung) (W) Chouchu♥사실 나 널 좋아해 (Tzuyu & Sana) (T) (W) *last updated 151115   
      Cherry Cokk (T) (W) A Bonnie Lass (T) (W) My elegant girl (T) (W)  Heartlipped (T)  Nayeon2Rang (T) (Y)  나숭힝 (T) [N]F4.25 (T) [N]WanderLust (T) [N]first rabbit (T) (W) [N]FLORA ANGEL (T)  It's your turn (T) *last updated 151106 Favorite (T) *last updated 151103 [N]MyElegantGirl (T) (W)  
      Black Paint (T) (W) Yuplus (T) (W) Smile1101 (T)  Jace (T) (W) Utiful (T) (W) [N]WHEREVER YU ARE (T) [N]Eleven And One (T) [N]Brilliant Topaz (T) [N]정연의법칙 (T) [N]노잼정연맘 (T) Seeyu (T) *last updated 151228 Heart Punch (T) *last updated 151031 Smile1101 (T) HEART PUNCH (T)  

      Midnight Moment (T) MoyoMoyo (T) (W)  Momo119 (T) *Fancammer  Der Blonde (T)  MomoRaccoon (T)  모구리닷컴 (T) (W)  PeachMoMo (T) (W) [N]피치톡톡 (T) (Y) [N]close (T)  [N]써클인모모 (T)  [N]Fairyism (T) [N]Throbbing_Egg (T) [N]MOMOPLAYER (T) (Y) [N]DoDoMoMo (T) [N]Sweet Peach (T) (W) Peach Romance (T) Peach Pink Punch (T)  Momoya (T) PS (T) 딱 PeacH (T) Ice Tea (T)   
      Candy Frappe (T) (W) Spacewalk (T) Flake Of Snow (T) (W) [N] A Mood Board (T)  [N] 사나의여름 (T) (Y) My Light (T) *last update 160321 사나에 빠진 딸기♡ (T) *last update 160123 My Haru/Spring (나의 하루) (T) *last update 151114 No Sana No Life (T) *last update 151117  
      겨울과 봄 사이✨(Winter Spring) (T) parkjihyodot (T) (W) 천사지효 (T) JinJin (T)  [N] Asante (T) [N] BlackJJack (T) [N] Under The Sea (T) (W) Jihyorang (T) *last update 151105  
      Sweet Smile 0324 (T) (W) [N] Spring of South Pole (T) (W) [N] Flower Mina (T)  [N] With Mina (T) (W) Miracle Night (T) *last update 160205 Black Swan (T) *last update 151230  
      Shine a light (T) (W) Dear Dahyun (T) (W) Best Dahyun (Choigo Dahyun) (T) (W) Kim Dubu (T) (W1) (W2) 두 붓 컴♥ (T) The night I count the stars (T)  [N] Soon Dubu (T) [N] White Bean (T) (W) Hello Mellow (T) (W) *last update 160118 phdrj_twice (W)  
      Drop the beat (T) (W) Near and dear (T) (W) At The Flow  (T) (W)  [N] A Born Artist (T) (W) [N] 채영꿀노잼(Honey Chaeng) (T) Flawless April (T) (W) *last update 160208  
      Delta Trap (T) (W) Lucky Eevee (T) (W) Twice0614 (T) (W) Pegasus (T) (W) Gemini (T) *last update 160115 My Fairy (T) *last update 151023  
      Mentions (MultiFandom):
      Disk611 (T) SHAQ (T) (W) Studi0-G (T) (W) GirlGroupCD (W)  대학생 업로드용 Upload (T) (W) Rainy (T) (W) Pabooppa (T)  [N] -wa- (T) (Y) [N] Jibbazee (T) (W) (Y) [N] SoonDuck (T) (W) Scarewhut (W)   
      PS. Sorry if I missed a few, until the next update!  
    • By Dubuglittershinee
      I remember seeing on Twitter that someone said at a fanmeeting (I think not sure) that jeongyeon said Heart Shaker would only have 3 promotional stages (because I guess other places like mnet and the show aren't available right now or something???? Correct me if I'm wrong)  kinda confusing but yea 
    • By sacheol-21stC
      2017 KBS Song Festival Announces Lineup And Additional Details

      KBS has confirmed the details for their upcoming 2017 KBS Song Festival.
      The 2017 KBS Song Festival will be held on December 29 at the KBS Hall. The event has been loved by viewers every year for its star-studded lineup and larger-than-life performances.
      This year, only eight teams have been invited to stand on stage and they are some of the biggest names in K-pop. The eight teams are BTS, SEVENTEEN, EXO, Wanna One, Red Velvet, MAMAMOO, GFRIEND, and TWICE. There will also be a performance by the mentors of KBS 2TV’s “The Unit,” including Hwang Chi Yeol, HyunA, and Taemin.
      The theme of this year’s KBS Song Festival is “Concert and Confessions,” and it will feel like a mini-concert. As much as they have decided to invite only a handful of groups, the teams will have the opportunity to put on performances that are rarely seen on regular music programs, such as unit stages and special events for fans.
      The “Confessions” part of the theme has a double meaning of “Confessions of the heart” and “Go Back [고백 romanized sounds like ‘Go Back’], and will give stars a special opportunity to open their hearts up to fans as they send off 2017.
      2017 KBS Song Festival will be held on December 29 at 8:30 p.m. KST.
      Source (1)
      cr: soompi
    • By liraeyllis
      (T/N: there’s an inside joke about JYP looking like a gorilla) JYP’s idols’ visuals are my style. They all look innocent and clean     Sana     Mina    
            post response: [+168][-15] original post: here   ㅇㅇ |2017.12.15 00:56 신고하기 To be honest, JYP came out with a lot of legendary concepts and visuals… Ok Taecyeon, Suzy, Tzuyu…. I find Jackson and Jinyoung super handsome too. And although kids like Fei and Mina get overshadowed, they are seriously pretty too. To be honest, there are a lot of actors-looking idols in JYP.. . 추천77 반대39 ㅇㅇ |2017.12.15 00:56 신고하기 Chaengie is freaking pretty 이미지확대보기 추천64 반대6   뭐 |2017.12.15 09:50 신고하기 I like Jinyoung… he’s easy to the eyes and he looks like an actor…when he’s in a drama, he doesn’t even lose to the other actors… he’s also good at acting… the more I see him, the more I find him handsome 추천55 반대0   ㅇㅇ |2017.12.15 00:19 신고하기 Me too I find JYP my style… they are all easy to the eyes and most of their visuals get acknowledged by the majority. A lot of them look neat and charming. Suzy and Taecyeon can almost be considered to the be top, but this pic is the one that turned me into a fan… Mina is freaking pretty… 이미지확대보기 추천46 반대4   ㅇㅇ |2017.12.15 09:44 신고하기 Seriously, I find Jackson so handsome… he usually has that funny image because of his variety show but he’s also handsome… he’s the first idol from JYP that I started to like 추천44 반대0   ㅇㅇ |2017.12.15 10:51 신고하기 Got7 are freaking handsome 이미지확대보기
    • By Plume

      TWICE’s new MV “Heart Shaker” is now the fastest K-pop girl group music video to reach 30 million views!
      TWICE released their music video for “Heart Shaker,” the title track for their new repackaged album “Merry & Happy,” on December 11 at 6 p.m. KST. After achieving a personal best record for their most views yet in 24 hours, the MV has now gone on to break a record for K-pop girl groups as it hits 30 million views!
      The video reached the 30 million view milestone only 4 days and 6 hours after its release, breaking the previous K-pop girl group record of 4 days and 11 hours set by BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last.”
      Watch “Heart Shaker” again below!
      source: soompi