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[OFFICIAL] Myoui Mina (미나) Spazz Thread!

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3 hours ago, Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 펭귄미나 said:

Mina singing and slight dancing~ :jh-myheart:

so.. adorable. :jy-aww:

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    • By sacheol-21stC
      “Music Bank” Announces Lineup And Details For World Tour Stop In Chile

      Updated March 2 KST:
      “Music Bank” is going to Chile for the 12th stop of their world tour!
      The lineup for the special episode of “Music Bank” in Chile has been modified.
      On March 2, KBS announced that SHINee’s Taemin and SF9 have been added to the lineup, with CNBLUE no longer attending.
      The lineup now consists of B.A.P, VIXX, TWICE, Wanna One, SF9, and Taemin. They will perform on March 23, and Park Bo Gum will return as MC.

      According to the production staff, the concert in Chile will be filled with special stages and fan service!
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      cr: soompi
    • By sacheol-21stC
      [V Report Plus] Twice’s Jihyo, Nayeon stop over in Canada
      Twice aired a V live broadcast Thursday while waiting in Canada for their plane bound for Chile.

      Jihyo began the broadcast by asking Nayeon if her hair looks short.

      “We are on our way to perform for Music Bank in Chile. We have to transfer from Canada to go to Chile,” said Jihyo.

      Jihyo and Nayeon were exhausted from a 13-hour flight to Canada from Korea. They had to wait more than six hours for their next flight to Chile, which would take 10 hours.

      When Nayeon told fans that the two of them did not look very good on camera, Jihyo added, “We have given up on our looks on today’s V live.”

      Nayeon then expressed disappointment that she could not watch the drama “Because This is My First Life” due to technical problems with her phone.

      “Why can’t I watch something I’ve paid for?” she said in frustration.
      PS: To ONCE, do anticipate TWICE's upcoming new MV teaser(s) for their next Korean comeback in April to be out soon!
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      On March 21, the new girl group with Japanese members Yua Mikami, Miko, and Sakura held a showcase for their 1st album 'Bibidi Babidi Boo'.
      The girls answered why they chose to debut in Korea, saying, "We really love K-Pop. We wanted to dream bigger and reach the world so we decided to debut in Korea instead of Japan" and added, "We admire Korean music videos for their outstanding quality."
      The members also named TWICE as the K-Pop star they want to meet the most. 
      Miko said, "I'm from Osaka and all three of the Japanese members in TWICE are from the same region so I want to talk to them about Osaka."
      Sakura explained that she wants to learn TWICE's dance and ask them about their haircare secrets. 
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      The following is briefly translated to the best of my understanding. Thank you for reading!
      "Clear Sky Without Clouds" - TWICE selected as Pocari Sweat AD models for 2nd consecutive year (2018)
      Sales record achieved last year ... 9-in-9 colours with charm for all summer charge

      Dong-A Otsuka (President: Yang Dongyoung) announced on March 12th that it has selected Korean top-class idol group TWICE as the advertising model of Pocari Sweat in 2018 for the 2nd consecutive year.
      Dong-A Otsuka said that all nine members of the TWICE (Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu) will be Pocari Sweat exclusive models. TWICE was talked about at last year's Pocari Sweat 30th anniversary and was named as their first idol girl group Pocari Sweat models.
      In fact, Pocari Sweat sales exceeded about 140 billion won last year and set a new sales record.
      CR:  etnews , Pocari Sweat (Korea) Dong-A Otsuka
      Also, this could be related to their recent trip to Phuket, Thailand for a CF.