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[ADMIN] Forum Rules & Guidelines [Updated: 180414]

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*All rules can be updated at anytime and go into effect immediately*

**All changes made to official forum rules will be announced**

***Please use your common sense when using the forums & chatbox***


[!!] These rules apply to all sections of the forum including: threads, chatbox, status posts, and PM's [!!]

1. Treat all members with respect.

  • No harassing or flaming.
  • No trolling

2.  Absolutely no releasing of members' personal information without their expressed consent.

  •  Doing so will result in an immediate and indefinite ban.

3. No spamming.

4. No bullying (Targeting other members with malicious intent).

5. No threatening other members.

6. No offensive or sexually explicit usernames, display pictures, signatures, threads, or discussions in chatbox.

7. Making racist comments, bigoted comments, or hateful comments towards the forum, other fandoms, members, staff, yourself, or in general is not tolerated:

8. No duplicate accounts.

9. No swearing.

10. No posting paid for content.


1. Do not spam:

  • Excessive use of emoticons/emojis.
  • Strings of unreadable text or characters (left to the discretion of the staff)
  • The same message more than 2 times.

2. Do not harass, flame or troll other members.

3. Do not bully random members or new members.


1. No duplicate threads. Please check before posting news and images.

  • Duplication of any video or image in the News Thread are considered exceptions.
  • (eg. Similar content about the videos or the images can exist in the News section and any other Sections at the same time.) 
  • Posting similar videos or news articles from different sources (youtube or twitter, allkpop or koreaboo) is not considered a duplicate topic.

2. No offensive or overly sexual threads.

3. When posting news articles (Soompi, AKP, etc.), copy and paste the text of the article and any accompanying images (as opposed to the link by itself). Also, please include the link for the article.

4. Posting about a unrelated topic or that is not related to a on-going conversation is spam. Please take OT discussion to a new thread.

5. If your post contains more than 2 images (pictures and GIFs), please post the images under the spoiler cut.

  • Two images may be posted outside of the cut.
  • Embedded videos from youtube or twitter / instagram do not count towards your image count. However, if you are posting several videos please post the videos under a spoiler cut.

6. Source all photos and articles:

  • Please credit all fansites and official news sources (Dispatch, etc)
  • Please credit all fancams
  • Gifs and screenshots from broadcasters do not need to be credited
  • JYPE official content does not need to be sourced
  • More about crediting can be found HERE

7. Do not post any images or articles regarding to any paid subscription of twice channel.


8. Please tag post titles appropriately:

  • [DISCUSSION] - use for discussion topics
  • [POLL] - use if including a poll
  • [<MEMBER>IST] - include the member' name in brackets for your topic
  • [INFO] - use for all News topics
  • [PICS] - for photos
  • [VID] - for videos
  • [AUDIO] - for audio 
  • [TRANS/ENG] - for translations
  • [DOWNLOAD] - for downloads
  • [ENG SUB] - use for Download topics that have English subs
  • [NETIZENS] - for Netizen Zone topics=
  • [PANN] - for the specific forum or portal site that the article is sourced from
  • [TWT] - for Twitter content
  • [IG] - for Instagram content
  • [FB] - for Facebook content
  • [VLIVE] - for V Live content
  • [GAME] - for Forum Games topics
  • [FAN<ART/EDIT>] - for fan art or edits
  • [FMV] - for fan-made videos



Point distribution:

Chat and thread spam: 1 POINT

Not following thread rules (putting multiple images behind a cut, etc.): 1 POINT

Bullying and trolling: 2-5 POINTS (Based on the staff's judgment)

Racism, bigotry, etc: 2-5 POINTS (Based on the staff's judgment)

Offensive usernames: BANNED from site participation until changed

Duplicate accounts: 1 POINT per duplicate account (duplicate accounts are banned indefinitely)




2 POINTS: A week long ban from the forum 

4 POINTS: A one month ban from the forum 

6 POINTS: A two month ban from the forum 

8 POINTS: A permanent ban with opportunities to reverse the ban.

10 POINTS: Permanent, irreversible ban

Chat Box:

1st Warning: 1 day Chat Ban

2nd Warning: 7 days Chat Ban

3rd Warning: 14 days Chat Ban

4th Warning: 30 days Chat Ban

5th Warning: 60 days Chat Ban

6th Warning: Permanent Chat Ban


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  • Penalties divided into two groups, Forums based and Chat Box based.
  • Chat Bans added.


  • Duplicate posting rule modified, media in news articles are exceptions.


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