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[GAME] Name the person above you

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    • By #Twice
      I've been wondering if Mina love to game why don't she try Fortnite or Dota 2 maybe PUBG 
    • By Twice's Manager
      This game is simple.
      In this game you just need to be the worst of all the worst so that you'll win. You need to be worst for Twice.
      In this game there will be a Worst Host and 3 bad onces who will fight for being the next Worst Host.
      This is how it works:
      The current Worst Host will choose 3 members by tagging them and those 3 members will fight for who'll be the next Worst Host. And whoever wins will be the next Worst Host who will choose again the new 3 members who'll fight for the title and so on.
      The Worst host tagged Member 1, member 2 and Member 3.
      Member 1 : I will eat the most spicy food in this world.
      Member 2: I will donate all my money for Twice.
      Member 3: I will fart at the front of my worst teacher for them.
      After 24 hours or after the 3 members finished fighting the current Worst Host will choose who's the worst once of the three of them and whoever wins will replace his/her title as the Worst Host.
      But if the tagged member has no response within 24 hours he/she is disqualified for being the next worst host.
      If the the 3 tagged members has no reply within 24 hours, the worst host must tag another 3 new members.
      May the Worst Player wins!

    • By Alex97
      This is a pretty easy game, all you have to do is take one value away.
      It's like a race to the first member who reaches 0.
      The starting point is 1000, the ending point is 0.
      - You can't post/take away values consecutively. You have to at least wait for another member before posting again.
      Nayeon - 1000
      Jungyeon - 1000
      Momo - 1000
      Sana - 1000
      Jihyo - 999 -
      Mina - 1000
      Dahyun - 1000
      Chaeyoung - 1000
      Tzuyu - 1000
      PS: You can just copy and paste from the user above
      1st: Chaeyoung 160119, Page 114
      2nd: Jihyo || 160125, Page 191
      3rd: Jeongyeon || 160125, Page 216
      4th: Momo || 160125, Page 231
      5th: Sana || 160317, Page 295
      6th: Nayeon || 160324, Page 303
      7th: Mina || 160507, Page 317
      8th: Tzuyu || 160518, Page 349
      9th: Dahyun || pending, pending
      This race ain't over yet.
      C'mon guys!
      Let's help Dahyun finish the race too

    • By playingdeadTWICE
      Hello  I'm back, I guess. So I have a new game for you!!
      Try your best to make a math problem, and let the person below you solve it. 
      Person 1: 1+1=?
      Person 2: 2! 2x + 5 = 7
      Person 3: x = 1! 6 x (6 x 7)
      and etc. And make sure the problem isnt hard, and isnt easy too!! Good luck!!
      Tricky problems should make it fun like using PEMDAS.
      Ill start:
      6 + 6 x 0 + 6 = ?
    • By playingdeadTWICE
      Hello! I'm new to the forums (even though I'm a ONCE since LoA). So I have a game for you guys. It's called continue the story. Compose a creative sentence and the person below will continue it.

      Remember, strictly follow the rules when creating the sentence or we'll get in trouble.


      Person A: Once upon a time.

      Person B (Below Person A): There was a girl group called TWICE.

      Person C (Below Person B): They went through hard times during the survival show called SIXTEEN.

      So far so on.

      I'll start the story.

      Once upon a time, in a world full of humans.