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[GAME] Name the person above you

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    • By Phebe
      Welcome to Ochakai Maid Cafe! A cafe owned by all the TWICE members!
      The cafe is currently under construction! Request a member to help create the cafe! (Use a Spoiler Tab!)
      If all the members get filled up, you are allowed to request to be another type of K-Pop idol who helps out as well. (OC's may be accepted).
      Once we open the cafe, anyone is welcome to join in, even if you act as a simple customer! (Please tell me first though lol)
    • By syko
      This game is called I Spy. First things first, this is entirely (like 99%) stolen borrowed from Chivalry@Soshified. I take no credit; the game is awesome though and I thought we should post it here.
      Okay, so rules:
      How to Play
      The player 'hosting' picks an image from wherever (refer to image hosting guidelines below) and posts that image. He/She then picks an object from that image - only revealing the first letter of the object to the players - and the players must then guess what the image is. Whoever guesses the image correctly first wins and gets to host the next game. If you do not want to host, you may pass and whoever posts a picture next will be hosting. Also, if the winner fails to post a picture within 48 hours of being announced the winner, their turn is skipped and whoever posts a picture next will get to host. However, if you pass hosting or your turn is skipped you may NOT play in the next game as a guesser, as that is seen as a cheap way to gain wins (there will be an award system, explained below).
      Image Hosting Guidelines
      If you are hosting, please be considerate of the picture and object you pick. Do not pick a blurry and/or pixelated picture. Any inappropriate pictures will result in an immediate report to a mod.
      When picking an object, pick an actual object. It must be a noun and can only be one word. Please don't pick anything too complicated that some people may not know of, like defenestration (I love that word).
      When hosting after a minimum of two people guess (unless the first one is right) post the words under 'wrong answer'. (For example, if the two words guessed are 'grass' and 'ginger' write: Wrong Answers: Grass, Ginger).
      If after ten guesses no one gets the answer the players may ask for a hint from the host. Hints can be related to the object itself or the object's location in the picture. After the first hint, hints can be requested at five guess intervals.
      Once the thread reaches a new page please repost the picture for convenience.
      Image Guessing Guidelines
      Only ONE guess per post.
      You may only guess once until you are told by the host whether you are correct or not.
      Don't guess something that doesn't start with the letter given by the host -_-
      Award System
      Right, now onto the cool part! So basically this game is split into 'seasons'. Seasons are split into a specific number of games - I haven't decided how many yet, probably around 50 - and when a season ends several types of awards will be given to the best players. Here they are:
      I Spy Universal Champion (awarded to the player with the most wins)
      I Spy International Champion (awarded to the player with the 2nd most wins)
      I Spy Regional Champion (awarded to the player with the 3rd most wins)
      I Spy Top Rookie Award (awarded to the player with the most wins but who had 5 or less wins in the previous season (this won't be awarded in the 1st season))
      I Spy Most Improved Player (awarded to the player with the largest difference of wins between last season and this season - must be greater than 5 and must have at least 1 win in the prev season)
      I Spy Elite Spy Award (awarded to the player who obtains all five of the above awards)
      I Spy Master Spy Award (awarded to the player who obtains three of the five awards)

      Season 1 - From this post to here


      Season 2 Game Count: 16
      Total Game Count: 86
      Updated from this post to here
      (removed first pic to clean up OP)
    • By RainbowFluffyPanda
      write the last thing you did, but add: with (your bias's name)
      i ate a peanut butter sandwich with dahyun 
    • By TendyLoops
      This is simple, you post 3 stuff about yourself, 2 facts and a lie and people below you will guess which is the lie and afterwards they should indicate their facts too and the chain will start. Gaja!
      I do sing a lot, playing a variety of songs in my guitar. I am small, my actual height is only 162cm I can make my tongue reach the tip of my nose
    • By RainbowFluffyPanda
      let's play a game  describe one of twice's members as detailed as you can others will have to guess who you're describing