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Photo Posting Rules - MUST READ Before Posting

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  • General rules apply to this subforum
  • All posts must be properly tagged. To add tags, simply click the "+ Add Tag" field and choose the tag for your photos.


  • Photo tag guide:
    • Endorsement: Photos from Twice's CF deals (Skoolooks, Tomaru, Red Cettu, etc.)
    • Fantaken: HQ photos from Twice fansites
    • Instagram: Photos from Instagram (not Twicetagram)
    • Magazine: For any magazine scans or officially released photos
    • News Pic: Photos from news sites such as Naver and Osen
    • Official: For officially released teasers, etc.
    • Other: For any photo that might not fit another tag (please use sparingly)
    • Performance: For photos of live performances (M Countdown, festivals, etc.)
    • Photo Shoot: Pics from shoots such as Sana's Pholar shoot
    • Preview: Fansite previews from events
    • Radio: Photos from radio appearances
    • Red Carpet: Both fantaken and news pics from red carpet arrivals
    • Scan: Scans of magazines, advertisements, photobooks, etc.
    • Screencap: Caps from MVs or TV appearances
    • Selca: Selcas from any source (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
    • TV: Official still photos from TV appearances such as Idol Olympics
    • Twicetagram: Only photos from Twicetagram
  • Note: tags may overlap! For example, a post from a radio appearance could use both the "Fantaken" and "Radio" tags.
  • All posts must be given a prefix. To choose your prefix, click the "Item prefix" field after choosing tags and choose the one tag that best represents your post.


  • Credit all sources. "Cr: As Tagged" is NOT a legitimate source, please be sure to link the fansite, news site, etc.
  • Images should be uploaded to sites such as Imgur or TinyPic
    • To insert images to your post, click "Insert other media" at the bottom of the post editor and choose "Insert image from URL


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This topic is now closed to further replies.